Love Shanghai search function perfect step by step

local search for users is of great help, the value is not cheap. What is the local search? Personal view is that the search engine according to the different regions of the user to determine the display value of the search results page to show in front of the user feedback information. Of course, different areas here may be based on IP or some other factors. Local search function to strengthen, to bring users more quickly and more convenient to search for the user experience is a big step forward.

rise of personalized search function

two, local search function to strengthen

example: when we enter the "Shanghai dragon" in love Shanghai in search engine, search results page appeared in the "Shanghai dragon related news and other information.

is the so-called integrated search before the normal search results page is not only in the number of text messages, at present also contains pictures, videos, news, blogs, maps, books and other vertical search results, of course "integrated search" is first introduced by Google. The love of Shanghai search also strengthened the technical content of this field. Integrated search function perfect, more conducive to the user experience, users have more choices.




love Shanghai search function is based on the needs of different users, to meet the needs of users, gradually perfect love Shanghai search function, the user experience is to. Of course we do website optimization is to pay more attention to the user experience. Understand the different user behavior to better do Shanghai dragon. A little far away, we return to the theme of "perfect" love Shanghai search. The search function to love Shanghai now perfect what function? I found the idea and research of rough talk about here.


example: when we enter in Shanghai love to a search engine like "death" of the video information query, the search results appear in the first page is about the "death" of the Shanghai love video.


, a perfect integration of search

: the local search function is mainly reflected in the love map of Shanghai, when I enter the keyword query in Shanghai Jiangbei "love map, the results naturally normal feedback out of the map is Chongqing jiangbei.

personal search is no longer a trend, but now the rapid rise. Love Shanghai search function is also in this direction, although it still do not perfect, not perfect, but for future success has made the upholstery. Love Shanghai personalized search function began to rise mainly in the video search function, although also strengthen the promotion of their own products, but also to meet the needs of users. I also hope that love Shanghai search function can more quickly improve the function, and promote the use of.

The key point of website optimization novice to do local blog on the homepage of Shanghai Longfeng f

again, is considered the first before you ask questions, why should people help you? Who’s time is limited, some people question why people are willing to help, some people do not want to mention? Why are the group of irrigation more dry cargo less? We think? Want to understand, you can get master pointing.

1, hire IP, try to use big brands.

5, the chain and improve the quality of.

WP, the chain is in place, there are certain advantages to do local Shanghai dragon blog. But the key is a simple operation, very suitable for Shanghai dragon novice get started quickly, seize the opportunity, too much trouble we use the default template. Some students love with you hand, Jones is not recommended, because you set the template and the adjustment is quite difficult, easy to combat novice enthusiasm, causing the site to delay not line.

2, a personalized website brand name and registered COM domain name.

3, using WP system.

joined the Shanghai dragon group, has many of the same starting point of the students can communicate with each other and support. Here to remind you, first love Shanghai or Google search before asking a question, don’t ask questions in order to avoid annoying some idiot.


in the article and the chain to take full account of the needs of users, concentrate on high quality, high quality under the premise of the expansion of the number, the only way to have the opportunity to go beyond the old station. Another point, do not link like before blind do, or starting from the user needs to place, so as to improve the click, is conducive to the website optimization.

high quality article is another benefit you spread out, can reduce the risk of being when advertising, we all love to see "love" is not dry cargo, smuggled goods". This is the Shanghai dragon Jones blog www. Shanghai dragon qi>

before A5, I have to share a lot of knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo. Today, Shanghai dragon Jones for everyone to talk about: Shanghai dragon novice to do a few key points on the front page of the local optimization blog quickly.

Virtual host

com is a good character name domain name may others have not registered, another is the character’s name is easy to attract click. I like the Shanghai dragon blog site called Shanghai Longfeng Jones, would surely be called Wang Shanghai Longfeng, O Shanghai Longfeng this kind of ice to attract people to browse, the new name Jones share skills to my website, you can see.

4, joined the Shanghai Phoenix exchange group, seeking help to think more about their needs.

IP can avoid the same IP station search engine evaluation result of the problem of the poor; looking for big brands will obtain stable and reliable service, the less likely problem. Many novice started Shanghai Longfeng cheaper to buy a small brand space business space, then people run away or the website was hacked, website optimization efforts

Industry Shanghai Longfeng Er face love Shanghai suck what to do (1)

by A5 first, welcome to reprint, please keep the source address of

The first picture above

first, we want to publish our business information and open their own shops in the local famous website (like Taobao store), because the local famous website which has a lot of potential customers for many of you, as long as you can catch fish, this fish will Everfount into your mouth.

the time I have been in the flow of data on a studio, they found the website traffic is very interesting, Shanghai traffic is not love for their direct access to the site’s traffic. Maybe some people do not believe, but this is the truth, give you two photos:

www.yyzhukao贵族宝贝 Second,

what can we do to achieve this effect?

well, today is to share these two points, a summary is to open their own shops and forum posts in the corresponding local famous website. Let you want to catch a fish, you know he had cast the bait.

careful friends here may ask me for no reason, you write a brand advice articles, this is a completely brand benefit results. In fact, because we as Shanghai dragon er the first thing to understand is how to flow. We can see from the figure 80% of the traffic is directly enter the URL, you and I both know in love directly into Shanghai, will not directly copy the URL into the website. So we can eliminate the love of Shanghai.

In fact, I want to see

is the famous local website forums, you want to have the same guest, and they are many.

(bid to bring traffic), second map (direct access to Shanghai and Phoenix):

has been ranked Shanghai love flow is not so awesome, there are a lot of words are ranked in the first, but very little traffic. We feel Er Shanghai dragon is more tired, more and more confused. Every day thinking about why I index data and my traffic data are very large, I seem to have said "I is the root of all" that is to say we don’t blame the index allowed to love Shanghai. It is important for us to find a way to leave Shanghai in search of our love station can create profit for us, good words do not say entered point.

Nine Shanghai Dragon examples to explain the enterprise stand inside optimization

for robots.txt syntax rules. We can see the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide, general enterprise website robots.txt is quite simple, just need to write three points is enough, I like this station is written like this:

in accordance with the above mentioned, this is done to create a site map and robots, the two step is relatively simple, do not need to have what technical requirements.

, sitemap and robots.txt to establish a file

setting method of




keep the site each page title in Shanghai Longfeng are completely different is more important, but for the enterprise station, we all know that most design enterprise station is the entire page is divided into three parts: the head, tail, theme, web developers in order to save the head and tail alone the extraction with head files and foot files, then all of the pages are called the two documents, this is taboo in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. This will lead to the page title and description of all the same, will be determined to repeat the page, in this case we should put all of the pages are re set, to ensure a completely different page title. For example, the author of this article the station’s two page title is completely different:


two, each page of the title of

in place of the website is "Neiwaijianxiu", not only do external optimization, and can optimize internal good site. I often see you in A5, but found the theory to explain the majority, there are few really practical to teach you how to do well in the station optimization tutorial, the author with more than a year of experience in the Shanghai dragon venture here write how to do well in the station optimization, here I take a business station to optimize www.vdink贵族宝贝 as examples to explain, at present, the ranking of this site can still need further improvement. This paper is to explain the station not attentive place, I hope you can forgive me, enter the text below.

to the site, the first site to create a site map and the robots.txt file, the amount included in these two documents can be very good to improve the entire site. Site map site map or XML version of the HTML version of the online method can create a site map, you can create here (贵族宝贝xml-sitemaps贵族宝贝/). I this station site map is the XML format, as shown below:


An optimized


In our daily optimization details are easy to overlook

two: the optimization of the details you can’t ignore the 404 error page

: you cannot ignore the details of the 301 redirect


three: you can’t ignore the nofollow tags using

for the 404 error page, believe that this is for the webmaster is not familiar with the familiar, when our daily optimization will inevitably encounter delete data, site maintenance etc.. When the 404 error page will play the important role, not only can we tell people this is an error page by 404 error page, can also be through 404 error with search engine spiders show in front of the road barrier. Although this page is very easy to do, but we tend to ignore the details, especially when we set the error page back status codes, such as the time when 404 error page, because of his carelessness result in an error status code, error page to the search engine returns the status code should be 404, but the wrong use of the meta refresh, then you return a status code is 302, this status code is easy to misunderstand the search engine, the author of the site because of the small details of the search engine punishment.

Nofollow tag and the webmaster of the old saying is very clear. Special is the role of the following and the site Never mind that with the search engine spiders, you can not crawl. We know of the nofollow tag may be because some owners through the label to the early Links deception effect. Of course, this is not a good application, but the label.

believe that many people have to know the details in our life is important for individual development, plays a key important details. So in our Shanghai dragon in this industry? In front of a living example of Bibi we have to say, as Shanghai dragon er if you want to accomplish something in the ranking of the competition, then I can tell you that you can not ignore the details. I’ll be here today to share some small details in the process of optimization is easy to ignore, we hope to help the optimization.

for the 301 redirect page, we may have a better understanding, because in our daily optimization process, will inevitably encounter the problem of address changes caused by site upgrade or migration. When we encounter this problem is the most simple to use 301 redirect the old page redirect to the new URL address. This is just one of the 301 functions, in fact there is a 301 individual functions, that is through the 301 redirect we can link weight integration site, we can use 301 redirect will be scattered in the other page of the link weights converge to our main domain name, so that it can avoid unnecessary waste of link weight.

How to make the site keywords ranking tends to be stable.

two does not change the stability factor and the stability of the station outside the station

In order to maintain the stability of equipment based keywords stable

two is not 24 hours of service must be used with caution, the hardware can not guarantee is not a problem, but the problem is to control is the key, a web site can not open within 24 hours but not in 48 hours is not open, otherwise your ranking only decreased.

why love Shanghai to recognize our website, which had said that the host and program site, host and program site is the hardware facilities, it can be said that any website can not be separated from these two factors, we can in the establishment of the content, the chain may have unstable phenomenon, but the host our website and program can not appear this kind of phenomenon, so we choose the host and program must do the following two points:


there are many sites keywords ranking is not stable, there are many reasons that cause instability, such as server instability, optimization, excessive chain deleted, content updates, improper competition, brush keywords keywords ranking, website cheating and so on line, and as a webmaster in the process of the operation of the site. It is impossible for the conduct of the avoidance, so learn website operation skills is particularly important.


website is the most important site of the equipment and software, which requires the site has a stable host and the stability of the internal and external environment, so how to do to make the site keywords ranking stable

is a website is not easy to change, this change is a descriptive language for website idea and version of the first, because the description and version of the first search engine spiders every day into the site of capture, even if these contents are easy to change, so that a search engine will think our website is not to be a keyword then, the search engine on the web test will be more.

is a free program for the host and don’t look for free, but especially free hosts cause infinite harm to people, even more so, a part of the new owners when entering the Internet due to economic factors to choose a free hosting site, the result? Spent several months just some improvement, and open the website this is the lesson.

two is the site of the station is not easily disorder, and not love Shanghai outside the chain of public information, take the common sense to.

as part of the information outside the chain of love Shanghai is open, there is now the chain part included in the site after being deleted, in addition to the forum also canceled the signature station station stability and from this information we can see that love nothing more than to the requirements of Shanghai website external links, so our website is optimized when we must do two things:

stable elements of a host and program stability is ranked


How to redesign the site will not be right down


there is to avoid impulse revision is a common problem for many novice webmaster, revision should be based on the full analysis, careful study and non change can not be under the premise, to do traffic declined sharply after the revision of the psychological preparation, if you can’t afford to flow down losses at present, should consider other methods, such as construction of new station replace, so as not to fall.

we do know Shanghai dragon will be very easy to search engine drop right website; some stations are therefore reluctant to.

maintenance updated regularly, especially the new column, to update some articles, and in home display, convenient spider crawling right outside the chain, this is not to say a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Don’t make a big shake correcting step by step like, even if the site theme has not changed, the small range can step in the revision step by step.

revision needs constantly testing, it is recommended that all tests are conducted in local, local test after successful upload to the server once again on the line. Some of my friends love the server test directly above, this site keeps changing, search engines will follow. It must be carried out on the server, suggested this time directly prohibit search engine access. Do the revision always involves some column additions and deletions, for the mobile column, to do a good job for the new revision: delete column not many novice webmaster friends, no site planning, in a hurry on the line, line that template is not good, the theme is not beautiful, think of how to change, in fact, novice webmaster should spend more time in how to do the content and enhance the flow above, as for "beautiful user experience, is to consider things later. The search engine is very sensitive to the revision of the new station, too often there may be long-term into the sandbox may not stand up.

love love Shanghai Shanghai search is also very nostalgic, but his main performance in the snapshot, by analyzing the log, love Shanghai to have deleted directory about several months after the crawl, but love Shanghai may have periodic snapshot recovery before the revision before the time. Love Shanghai very sensitive to change, even small changes can also cause fluctuations, the new station frequent revision is suicidal.

search engine is to read love love Shanghai Shanghai search: search can be said to be the most nostalgic, I have a website based on Web site log analysis, a few years ago has been deleted directory love Shanghai spider is still crawling; one last station revision website now, great changes have taken place in the directory structure however, the observation log, found love of spiders in Shanghai every day crawling back catalogue. Although Shanghai love NianJiu, but the new revision is also very fast, small range of influence on Shanghai is not love.

website development strategy of website peak stage rise it is best not to swing, will be a devastating blow to the site, in order to change the influence of the rankings is reduced to a minimum, the author summarizes the revision several problems that need attention, I hope to help the new webmaster.

Viewpoint Web site keywords ranking changes not due to external factors

1 page open speed website speed, this has been needless to say, Google made it clear that this is one of the factors that influence the website keywords ranking, but less attention to a friend. We may also feel that the earth people know, but the stability of the space you have to pay attention to, if the time you started to buy this space is good, but this will change, if the space velocity changes on your web site, this reduction may be ignored at home.

The scarcity of

4. content and value-added main manifestation of user comments and fine-tuning, such as when you’re just out of this page is no comment, but later these social elements of it, it will also promote the ranking.

is perhaps because the intrinsic factors of ranking may be relatively vague, not easy to be observed, observed may we not sure it must be so, so we could not grasp what in this respect. We can only go to the analysis of what the growth of the chain and included growth, because this is obviously, what are the internal factors that affect website ranking changes?

content (2 similarity) and the quality of the content is never outdated topic, meaning that your site must be independent, even occasionally reproduced, but should be controlled in a reasonable range with the proportion of the original. But sometimes we think released these contents is helpful to the user, but the user does not see the contents of your value or not, at least compared with those contents in front of you later, the content of these quality is relatively poor, and the subtle difference is not easy to detect, but not very intuitive data. So maybe you are the content of the decline in the quality of result ranking drop is also unknown.

The value-added content of

often see some friends of the site keywords ranking change is to find the reason, ask the master is not the search engine algorithm is not changed, and quickly view your chain is not lost, Links is not being removed. Included is not the fallen, is beyond the competitors and so on a series of reasons to analyze. There is a situation that is ranked rise, ranking factors rise a lot of people will not go to analysis, the vast majority of people think that I have done so much work, should the ranking is rising. For some reason or is from the above list to analyze, in fact everyone in the analysis of website ranking changes too much emphasis on the external factors while ignoring the inherent factors of itself.

3 station link recommendation site internal link recommendation is a constantly changing, sometimes these changes we are not very good grasp. For example, we included rising, so the inside pages of the home with the weight will also increase, the page recommendation will strengthen. On the contrary, if we included reduced, so in our chain effect than the original will drop, it will also cause the keywords ranking drop, but the effect of micro call micro, causing everyone to ignore.

Influence of medical website content construction of Shanghai Dragon

saw a lot of website content is very rough, repetitive content of many, but the chain do very well, in a very long period of time really good included and ranking, but with the increase of the web site included, the growth of the chain, slowly will appear included reducing, plucking, drop in traffic situation or, say, website content is not in place due to the influence of.

is medical website users to search information is to quickly find the need to know the knowledge, but most medical websites want to do is to guide the user to business and other places as soon as possible, to achieve their own transformation rate, after all, medical sites are not the pursuit of high flow rate and browse, but increase the speed of the user conversion the rate, therefore, the medical website is currently more crazy covers a lot of long tail keyword, and the quality of the do not satisfactory, most articles are just modify the end, and made the original re combined, may not start from the user experience. How to improve the uniqueness and the guiding thinking with experience, this is a problem.

at present, with the application of network marketing in the market, the medical industry has already carried out like a raging fire in this industry. Especially those private medical companies, has already taken a fancy piece of the market, indeed, compared to the TV media and print media, the network has given new world health, who occupy the network, who occupied the commanding heights, and medical websites, as a display of the window of the enterprise, to attract customer portal, the importance of self-evident. And the content of the website construction, has always been a difficult, especially medical websites, the content is a difficult problem in the construction of more. Although with the development of Shanghai dragon, there are some new theories and technologies, but in any case, to provide customers with the needs of the content is the most basic premise, but also search the meaning of existence, so the content is the presence of a site, although there are a lot of garbage sites or meaningless station can search engine the vulnerability at a time by using traffic ranking, but will be blocked, thus, the content is the basis for the implementation of any other Shanghai Dragon technology or means, without good content, good technology also play a role.

has been the major search engines are in the importance of a strong emphasis on the content of the website builder will attempt to guide the website optimization and promotion of the work focus on content construction. Whether it is love or Shanghai Google, require the site has unique and relevant content, but the original content of medical websites are more difficult, not to mention is unique, in fact, most of the medical editor of the website is not engaged in medicine, to write their unique original article is free for the difficult, so a lot of the original have appeared. Most of the website articles are extraordinarily similar.

addition, medical articles included weight, also has been to solve the problem, in fact, we are very clear, although sometimes my article is original, but does not mean that the article will have a good ranking, at present, the search engine.

People talk about Taobao guest Wangzhuan directionStarting a business in Beijing, Zhongguancun how m

second, now Taobao guest Wangzhuan people very much, and every day there are a lot of new entrants, so in this piece of competition is very intense, how can we in the fierce competition of the team to win is a key. The choice of goods is the most important, because the level of commission and the intensity of competition of a commodity determine whether you can succeed more easily.

why is Zhongguancun?

I contact Wangzhuan have been more than a year, beginning with a lot of new people, do free items, such as click, investigation, surfing and the like, because it is new, so not what experience, do not know how to do, is to see some of the figures back to station tutorial, slowly began to travel to make money online. However, there is not much harvest. The free items earn very little money. Some of them are offline, and there is no way out. Taobao later exposed to the guest, feel that they are right, income than free Wangzhuan is much better, so I decided to go to Taobao to do a guest website. Although only a few months only, but also have a certain understanding of Taobao, here to talk about some of the views of Taobao guest Wangzhuan direction, hoping to help.

actually, you can do a keyword very much, as long as you are careful to find, Taobao online sell thousands on thousands of can always find a suitable for newcomers, do, suggest that you can use sh419 index, select some index in the two hundred to five hundred index keywords to do, although the amount is less, but the competition is not fierce, easy to do go, don’t pursue the high 5 to 10 yuan gold figurines, will not necessarily make money, as long as we do up the rankings, with the flow, improve the conversion rate, thousand dollars a month is not difficult.

The aggregation effect of the

there are a lot of Internet Co here, and there are many famous universities such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University and so on. It is convenient to recruit staff and interns. Convenient transportation, there are nearby residential areas for employees to rent, living facilities are also perfect. Many of the founders and staff probably graduated from universities around Zhongguancun, where they became familiar with them. Like the formation of Silicon Valley ecology, universities such as Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley are among them.

to talk about how to choose the promotion of goods, that is, the theme of your website should be what type, is breast enhancement, weight loss, mobile phones, or athlete’s foot, eye cream, navigator. Your choice will decide whether you can get income in a relatively short period of time, suggest that you choose to do some of the more popular products, such as the navigator competition is relatively small, although less gold figurines, but it is relatively easy and the ranking of the home page, if you choose to do to lose weight blindly, so fierce words, such as L-carnitine is very difficult, competition is too intense, you can look at the sh419 search will understand, too many websites do this, is the value of its high gold figurines, as a new station, is unable to fight against them, before I made a L-carnitine station the results, as expected, there is no what ranking, now I also gave up, decided to choose products.


an Internet startup team decided to start a business and pay some of the cost at the start. 36 krypton, based on the survey, cited Zhongguancun start-up as an example of these start-up costs.

in the actual operation, the entrepreneurial team may also be ", The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, find a variety of other low-cost alternatives, realize the purpose of" save money "on the basis of this, and can quickly start the product development. For example, in the product development period, first rent a house or incubator station instead of office buildings. Even if entrepreneurs have their own resources, you can apply for government support for entrepreneurship, preferential policies to enter the industrial park, or enter some incubation space, in the early access to free office space. On office equipment, computers, office desks and chairs, these can be rented or bought by a closed start-up company.

Zhongguancun belongs to the North

first of all, to understand the principle of making money for Taobao customers. Build a web site, determine the theme, what is the type of product, and then put the site keywords ranking do go up by SEO, through the search engine to get traffic, and the flow through your website to buy taobao goods they need, and you can get from the Commission, or the commission.

let’s figure out the cost,

registered limited liability company

, finally, talk about >

mention Internet start-ups, Beijing Internet industry entrepreneurs will mostly think of Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun as one of the places to visit. As a starting point, Zhongguancun will become a reference area for entrepreneurs to examine other places later.

first, register a company,

technology center has made many people choose to take root. The overall cost of entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun, on the whole, will be on average, though, from the point of view of Beijing as a whole. But there is no doubt that Zhongguancun has indeed seen a large number of well-known Internet companies in China, as well as a growing number of start-ups that have the potential to change the world. The cost is considered on the one hand, but the founder’s consideration is to try to get his team started in a comfortable, uncomfortable environment.

our purpose is to give you a reference, if you start a business in Zhongguancun, you probably have to spend an initial cost, there are a number of hearts. At the same time, the cost allocation can also make friends in the beginning of the first venture office excitement, quickly understand what you need to configure, then an item to run, to do OK.

Internet start-up companies seek to save time, usually looking for agent service providers to sign up for registration. Internet agencies are now more efficient, convenient and cheaper than traditional companies.