This is the stage of this new station in Shanghai Longfeng share

2, included in the snapshot included two weeks

ER was born in Shanghai dragon road, will be good at it.

general line on the website are not included, to study experience in 7-30 days (Google called the sandbox), this stage mainly do is to adjust the content of the web site, the layout of a good Shanghai Longfeng internal frame. In addition, also need to update the content, because not included doesn’t mean the search engines don’t crawl.

on the author’s personal experience as an example, combined with the new printing Xpress mall, share a new station in several processes that must be experienced in the process of Shanghai dragon.

, the site on the 23 day, began to have included and released. Personal analysis of the reasons is the site of the online time relatively early period is from the beginning of time on the line, and the content of the web site is updated and modified in every day, the search engine more love faster updates website. The most important thing is not like the search engine submission site, but by some outside the chain of high weight nature into the.


do Shanghai dragon, is nothing more than two words can be summarized "plagiarism" and the beginning of learning but also the ability to copy no ground for blame is a shortcut. But when you do a year later, still did not understand the words of Shanghai individual dragon, I think you do not fit Shanghai dragon, even if it is to continue to do so, not too high achievement.

Xpress printing included, snapshots in June 7th, included the date is June 17th. Shanghai dragon Er should be careful that the two time love Shanghai update time (until now is Thursday, Thursday is a weekend). Love Shanghai, although given included, but for the confidence of the website is still relatively low, need to accumulate more weight in order to better collect and update snapshot.

1, no

online a lot of people say Shanghai dragon is relatively low threshold, this is not false, but in the eyes of the author, Shanghai dragon is the most complex, and most important. A good Shanghai dragon Er need not how profound theory, only need to have enough personal ideas and practical experience, it can be said that the Shanghai dragon is the lowest for the knowledge requirements, often is the highest for the request.

includedAt the beginning of The effect of

this time, generally speaking is to emphasize the content (theory). But the experience of the author is the chain, and the chain high weight. >

general theory is to wait until the site design and content added, in the whole line is better. In order to let heart Indian mall as an example, the author is directly on the line, then the line in one month’s time, the adjustment of the layout of the website constantly, content and related anchor text optimization, content filling.

When So I said

Website optimization is a lasting war

The contents of


the network to a battlefield, site optimization is a battle, in this battle have failed, some people were injured, one victory, the fight is the endurance, the fight is the ability to resist, so the website optimization is a lasting war.

site is composed of one page, but the search engine spiders love shock updated site, when a new page is generated, the search engine will continue to send spider web crawling page snapshot will be updated. If the site a few days not update, search engines will be aware of your site can be updated once every few days, every few days will turn to the site; if the search engine that did not update the site a month, he may have once a month, but found no update your website for 2 months. The search engine will think site has no one to manage, we may no longer do not come, then the snapshot will stop, ranking also disappeared.


tracking what content? Is the main competitor on the keywords ranking tracking, observation of rival site update frequency, update the number of articles every day, what time of day update, search engines, web site overall situation, the reverse link condition;

tracking competitors released, what content is not the content adjustment, business transfer, strategic adjustment;

A dull

after deep reflection daft know a website built, as appearance, that is not enough, need to let the website live, let website operation, benefit. Just three days before is updated two times, and the amount is not stable, and the content of the website also did not pay attention to. Here is the reason of failure was summarized, and we hope to encourage each other, don’t let search engine abandoned her.

site: Jiading city network, recently is not normal, ranking fluctuated, like flying bullets, not sure. Also could not find the reason: included in this article are not too small, the chain is also a lot to achieve this level is the search engine can be abandoned?

these are all we need to know. We need to adjust your site keyword content, according to the monitoring of the competitor’s synchronous development, beyond the opponent

second is to learn to follow a competitor’s website

third is the overall structure of the site need to constantly improve, improve the quality of web content, improve the user experience, site repair node >

: first, continuously updated website content

every competitor analysis link growth, released in which link to the site, there is no release of the soft, in the production of thematic portal, media advertising, auction and so on; there is no professional website on the implementation of the optimization.


as the saying goes, only the enemy can ever victorious, understand competitors regardless of station under construction, or in the process of optimization, is very important.

The website snapshot of the day into the original so simple


said the website snapshot is many webmaster concern is to check the rankings included and snapshot every time you turn on the computer first thing. At the forum, said: "I always see many webmaster website snapshot of how has not been updated," the website snapshot slow or correction. ". Some time snapshot one or two days slow webmaster will be very anxious, post everywhere to ask what is the cause. I am a baby car website also is such, yesterday in the change Links been discussed at the snapshot too slow but the other one refused. I do it a few months time, the snapshot weight did not know what a rookie, huh.. Oh. Ask them to give you some old Adsense words do not understand to love Haicha. When the love of Shanghai to find a lot of information about a few points:

said under the title, keywords, website site description is frequently modified, website article content acquisition is too serious and website where the server is not stable, often can not access the site, will cause the snapshot or website right down, I had this deep deficit. The first time I write not good hope everybody can forgive, but also hope that more people to pay attention to my station 贵族宝贝qr56贵族宝贝/ do not know where a lot of hope the exhibitions predecessors.


insist on doing as long as the effect is good, but to do a snapshot of the day I think is still a little difficult, so have what method? The author of these days in the online search for a few days and to master some advice, finally know the original snapshot of the day into is not so difficult to imagine. It is nonsense, direct say way. We check our website site in your website snapshot on the right there is a snapshot, click on the snapshot in is not a snapshot complaints? We choose to click into the snapshot complaints submitted to explain love Shanghai, snapshot of the problem! Usually a few hours fast as you can see the day, doing this friendship connection is very important. I personally tried a few snapshots slow, not what the problem snapshots quickly update the effect is very good. This method is very simple ah.

website snapshot of the day into the original so simple, my rookie below is some of my personal share, master.


site of the original, search engines love original articles if all is repeated or false original think search engine will love even right down?. The increase of the regular high quality external links and high quality Links, so the spider crawling our website more frequently, and included weight rises naturally. The best site update frequency is fixed, such as the author boy cart because of time sometimes is 8 in the morning, sometimes 9 o’clock at night, that do not good or very ashamed. Develop a good habit of spider to much time to update our website to understand, this time we will come and grab the contents of every day.


The use of QQ bottles do outside the chain to think clearly again do not blindly follow the trend

4, this propaganda brought out rate target customers? How long is the site of the effective residence time

1, QQ bottle chain is up to 30 QQ I look for a needle in the ocean, a day, every day to deliver 180 bottles, according to the various conditions of bottle I according to different publishing mode and try to promote, but the response received bottle is not much, a few lady-killer like, full of information to respond is dirty. QQ bottle chain I held out for three days.

1, have analyzed you delivered bottles brought by the target population is what? How much effect on the value of your site? Will lead a group of lonely lady-killer like

1, QQ bottle has been divided into many categories, such as bottles, bottles and other city transfer, then according to the classification of different conditions on different promotion methods, such as: local promotion, it can choose the city bottle;

2, a drift bottle need to spend much time? If it is time to do these micro-blog marketing and other chain promotion effect which is more impressive? There is no such statistical data

? ?

3, website traffic analysis and no significant increase, because a QQ can deliver 6 bottles, you want more, you need to register more.

, 3 bottles of the chain can really bring back links to your website

2, after the domain command query domain not found any bottles I delivered the message, because I release the information is summarized in the notepad. So, some people say that QQ bottles can bring back links for this site, I really did not see the effect. Do not know how long to others is the conclusion of this I can make nothing of it, because three days later I stopped QQ bottles of the way of the chain, so unable to conclude.

QQ has the advantages of the chain of bottles do two important point I simply summarized into extraction:

recently circulated on the Internet "method using QQ bottle chain", this is indeed a very fresh chain for the chain, I have tried many times, after careful analysis of the results have little effect. Maybe I did not make good use of QQ bottles, or bottles of QQ chain extension value itself is not big. But for QQ bottles do outside the chain, I do have some real feelings, so I want to share exchange of my experience, after repeated analysis, I personally think the chain using QQ bottles need to be clear after the implementation, do not blindly follow the trend.

2, QQ bottles can be said to be outside the chain is very fresh, can bring traffic to your site.

QQ bottle chain please think about the following questions:


I use QQ bottles do outside the chain of results are as follows:


The love experience of Shanghai website promotion

1. key words and then determine the love Shanghai experience Title: This is one of the most important steps, he decides to edit your content will be how many people see, so must be careful. Because love Shanghai experience is most suitable for long term promotion, so we can query through the tools to search through the website, to communicate with others, (such as word long tail, love Shanghai Darou index) to determine the words, you remember the long tail, long tail word with your love Shanghai experience, edit the Title matching degree is good, for example with the arrival of Valentine’s Day gifts, is definitely hot, you go to check the love Shanghai index found "Valentine’s Day gift what the word refers to" the girl "

The higher the weight of 1. What is the "

love the experience of Shanghai was issued outside the chain of the holy land, because it is a love of Shanghai, the website weight was very high, the chain is also placed in the reference hyperlink, too much better than text links, and edited by the difficulty is far lower than that of Shanghai and Shanghai know love love. Is the love of Shanghai products, but with the love experience of Shanghai reference links to add "nofollow" logo, its chain effect is also reduced greatly.

love Shanghai products, more easy to get good rankings;

love Shanghai experience reference links for website promotion, from the three aspects:

3. "you will lose", because I love Shanghai experience reference link with the "noufollow", it is love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love the experience of Shanghai editorial content can easily be passed, which means you can do editing posts to achieve drainage the purpose of.

noufollow", nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag, the tag is to tell the meaning of search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link. That is to say, with the chain nofollow logo is not transfer any weight to the site, it is not to say that love Shanghai experience reference added nofollow, do the link has no effect? I don’t think so, excluding the chain it, love Shanghai experience reference the link also has a very important role – Website promotion, increase website traffic.

so, how should we love Shanghai experience to achieve editing website promotion purposes, of course is not casually editing a content, following by the Xiamen Shanghai dragon to tell you how should edit:

2. love the experience of Shanghai to edit posts is generally "× × what", "how × ×" "experience of the nature of language, which belongs to the long tail keywords, such words and is a very accurate flow, drainage belongs to high quality; < / p>

The movie station optimization and Citation Method

I believe such practices we are doing, it is because if it is successful, then is zuoshou to get money, I believe we are also very clear, white hat Shanghai Longfeng practice, put up a website to do is to spend some time, but also very much distressed knowledge in Shanghai the dragon, the original content will take time. So how should we respond to this series of questions, I am also a movie station, recently very bitter is the site is down right, is also included high low, is very depressed, so that people engage in Shanghai Longfeng study for a period of time, a big reason is because of the original garbage and the chain for the content of the course includes Links, in the content of the original original issue, believe that movie website webmaster know that it is not possible, but tens of thousands of movie ah, you say to the original, it is not hard to force the bitter force? So I asked he asked, and then discuss the next, it decided to engage in information page, many movie website also add little information page, why not add, I believe we are also very clear, a CMS template is generally not on the information page, and Is to see a lot of stations did not add, on the station, I want to say something that they do so long time, but a few years ago, fell in love with the sea video just came out, Shanghai will give them some love to help, so we can not blindly follow them, so we have to make their own characteristics, and the main purpose it is to increase the original web page. There is the problem of the chain, here I talk to you friends of the chain, my site is down right Youlian there is a certain relationship, because my friends of the chain and at least one most be right down, a lot of people love the friends of the chain the more the better, but personally, more is not better, unless is of high quality and high weight chain, there is now a lot of people are not watching others website for friends of the chain, I say here is not high quality website, once you will get in K. Give you an exchange chain here: Friends of the chain is not much, in essence, is not the high weight of the chain and confused eyes, carefully check the website of others, to see whether it is the use of black hat on the site, or they drop the right K, you just wait and see. There is a saying why chain is not good, now most people can see the movie website is the chain webmaster tools, but you can get a new station so much the chain, then the love of Shanghai is likely to wonder if you keep here is the link >

, a white hat Shanghai dragon with a formal means to obtain the search engine to

latest movie station friend is relatively a lot, but really is up and that, but they are how to do it? There are three kinds of practice to do the movie website this industry (personal understanding): a white hat, Shanghai dragon, it means to optimize the access rules the amount of search engine. Two, the black hat Shanghai dragon, using informal means to obtain informal flow. Three, cited tablet. Now I will give you a summary of these issues:

Those things about the formal business station

enterprise website, back and forth are so few classification, can not be avoided for this type of website structure is single, because it has decided it’s structure model.

content is too simple

four, the interests of the heavy heart

said the enterprise station may have many friends will think it is too simple, but it is such a very simple site, Xiao Bian did not see several websites really well done, of course, here I am referring to "well done" in fact refers to is large flow, good network station.

reason, site structure of single


figure is too monotonous

has been the subject of discussion with you is how to make a station, today we change an angle to talk, and everyone together to talk about a formal business station in the optimization of the time how should we go.

whichever enterprise station, its purpose is to reach an order through the network, and to achieve this goal for SMEs in terms of investment is not too much, which makes the enterprise website the route is short, flat, fast line, and this is not the love of the search engine the type, because the search engine more stable long-term love type of website.

is a new enterprise website to get a hand, put all the optimization where all will do it in the best of spirits, on-line a few months, almost all end up waiting to be right down, punishment. A little good luck before may drop right and punishment has already been rewarded, bad luck is really after months of work and my own small come to nothing, this is a deep experience, so I want to tell you after the summary of Shanghai dragon ER a word may you >

as an enterprise, its scope must not be too large, perhaps only in a product, science, technology and so on, so the contents of the website will naturally around the product, discipline and technology circle, how can jump out the contents.

at this stage, Shanghai is still in love in the domestic search engine big boss position, grasp the search traffic for more than half of the search engine market in Shanghai, and for the love of this income eighty percent rely on bidding website, if the natural ranking can easily do it, it will lose a large but the price of income, which is a fatal blow to it. Plus there is a large part of the government, or Shanghai, or love or other forms do not allow the word, want to do so through the Shanghai Phoenix natural ranking has become more difficult.

in response to this phenomenon, Xiong Wei blog also summarizes several reasons for our reference:


can be said to everyone free to enter the enterprise station, they either from the form, appearance and so on are more or less similar, nothing new at all, cannot bring a person find everything fresh and new feeling.

The rockery look at your site weight is how to love Shanghai

from: 贵族宝贝lbswang贵族宝贝/news/baiduquanzhong please keep the link

from the screenshot, we can see the love of Shanghai is how to evaluate the level of weight. We use the "rockery" website as an example, to see if the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

also mentioned, webmaster tools and love station formula is different, and the two Reference Thesaurus, all queries out of love Shanghai weight will be different.

many novice webmaster all know to think of ways to improve the website of Shanghai love weight, improve the site keywords ranking. Then read many articles, tutorials and stuff, but also in strict accordance with the tutorial taught to perform. But often find that the website can do, the website weight, website keywords ranking can improve mostly depends on luck. This is because most people are directly follow the tutorial to perform, actually site weight is how to love Shanghai, how is the site keywords ranking, the basic principle is to know nothing about. Today we take a look at the rockery website for example your own website weight is how to love Shanghai.

love Shanghai weight is through the keywords in the lexicon reference key index and keywords love love Shanghai Shanghai ranking, and then through the formula to calculate the key words every day can bring to a website of the estimated flow, then all flow together to get the total estimated keywords website estimated flow control, in the library of Shanghai love weight rating formula the website of the weight for the love of Shanghai.

first love Wikipedia search for "love Shanghai weight", see what is the authoritative interpretation. We mainly look at the rating formula love Shanghai weight.

There is a library of


can see the website of love Shanghai weight is 1, then we can note that I marked in the graph place, click the key figures in the lexicon, we can see the website of the thesaurus. Here you can see, included the word are index, and will index as well as the word love, Shanghai ranked the estimated flow display.

if the key words in the lexicon more, you will find yourself all the estimated flow up and webmaster tools love in the flow of Shanghai is expected to have error, this is because the webmaster tools only Reference Thesaurus lexicon data network, all data will inevitably be error.

webmaster tools to detect website, check the web site of the weight of love Shanghai.


You can go to Shanghai

Webmaster how to improve their core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon two Shanghai dragon resources

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. See more and more new entrants into the Shanghai dragon in this industry, those of US veterans of the more and more owners are feeling the pressure? Do not know what do you think of such a problem, I feel a lot of pressure. Love of learning for many webmaster, I very much support, generally as long as these webmaster friends ask me a question and I know it, I will know you can, because their growth will bring me a lot of help hidden culture, this can be considered a resource of the. An article in the front I talked about is "how to improve the core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon one: Shanghai Dragon Technology", read the training of this article should know that today I want to talk about is the second aspects of Shanghai Longfeng resources, I hope these small ideas to help you.


learning resources

before I and everyone talked about the best way to learn is: Shanghai dragon real + Interest + the masters. If you really want to learn Shanghai dragon, you will learn fast, even the big difficulties "

said Shanghai Longfeng resources in fact there are many, for we do Shanghai Longfeng for everyone knows this is the most economical material, a way to promote the financial and human costs, and the owners in this industry we can cultivate resources include four major blocks: learning resources, human resources, information resources experience and resources. Each kind of resources we need to carefully develop slowly, continue to accumulate, continue to expand, so that we can put our resources to achieve the best Shanghai dragon. Of course, as culture of these resources is not without method, a lot of the time we need to observe carefully to find. The following specific talk about the four aspects of the culture resources.

for Shanghai dragon we are all need to learn every day, learning cannot take a day off, do not know how many people work hard at this point. For me, learning resources are many, the beginning is the introduction of some of their predecessors, A5 and Chinaz for example, popularity is very high, there are several major forum: A5, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why, a push, push 28, these sites are a good place for us to master learning. Of course, we all know them, but many of the above knowledge are not targeted for our owners who want to seriously study for a particular issue may not find the place, this time we need to ask them to find some older, we must pay attention to some write soft text in A5 webmaster or be happy and we exchange, for example, I was one of them, we want to communicate with me in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge can add my QQ:578785411. Of course, Shanghai Longfeng essential to some of the QQ group inside the bully, must have to add some of the group, and not blind nets, but rarely involved, one or two can help your friends is a good find in a group inside, learn more knowledge to their Shanghai dragon.

The mobile terminal website can query the index!

you see chart, small random search for a web site, at the site of the IP source, can be separated from what is the source of the PC and the mobile terminal, in addition, search volume keywords in the following rankings, also for keyword searches are listed from the PC end with the search from the mobile terminal.

this is a good news. Although the webmaster tools could not reflect the website ranking in the mobile terminal and included, with weight index, and in the search volume data is not very accurate, other webmaster tools is still not on the line of the function, but for the webmaster still has very important guiding significance:

3, for many webmaster, mobile search volume, but also the mobile Internet opened the door to the Shanghai dragon and SEM webmaster. More and more mobile end search data will be presented by the webmaster tools, and mobile search technology will be more and more mature, you can imagine in the near future, we can be like the optimization of the PC side of the site, in the mobile terminal to the web site for a variety of optimization and promotion work.

1, although the construction of the original ecological mobile applications as well as responsive website website has matured and can easily solve the problem in web browsing and mobile terminal PC and compatible, some big website platform also launched a free mobile phone service website construction, but most of the current enterprise network still belongs to only adapt to the PC client browser and operation mode, mobile search volume, which can help the enterprises to determine which end development more advantage in the PC terminal and mobile, whether it is necessary for the mobile terminal to the revision or re design their own website;


of course, this is just a good looking, mobile search volume is only a beginning, to be like the PC end general mature development there are many technical difficulties to be overcome, there are obstacles to cross. And, most importantly, open mobile terminal pattern, and the rules of the game is not a unified standard, the PC side of the Internet standards is not fully applicable to the mobile Internet market in the future, therefore, the webmaster also need to wait patiently. The Guangzhou 贵族宝贝71wl贵族宝贝 station (Guangzhou odd billion network technology Co., Ltd.), please keep the original link. Thank you


station query results


when using the love station query site index today, inadvertently found inquiries to the site in the mobile search volume! You see below:

2, the mobile phone website, you can search to determine the site in search of the mobile terminal, has estimated that in the mobile terminal site search ranking, the conversion rate of data. These data will effectively guide the website marketing direction, enable enterprises to reduce the cost of optimization and promotion, and more targeted marketing work;