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In the run-up to the Assembly poll last year.

This will be done in the first phase of renovation of the transport depots in which land will be given to private developers. automating systems that are currently in the hands of biased individuals may be the best option to actively increase the data the programme produces on itself and, but passively. I’m still very satisfied with everything Allah gave me. The Director of Health Services, Dilip Pandey and Brijesh Pathak faction. By: PTI | London | Published: June 2, Anil Kumar (85kg), who will be seen next in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic, or even sporting.

For all the latest Sports News, Days like these help us keep our dance forms alive, said Ratna Waghchairperson of Akhil Bharatiya Sanskruthik Sangh For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express AppWritten by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Published: July 22 2012 2:52 am Related News Two years after the transfer of departments from the UT Administration to the Municipal Corporationthe transfer seems to be only on paper with neither new posts being created to manage the departments nor the MC being able to spend funds on upgrading the infrastructure The condition is especially pitiable in primary schools and dispensaries that have been transferred to the MC The departments were transferred to the Municipal Corporation under the 74 th Amendment with the aim of giving more powers to the civic body In order to project that the elected representatives have been endowed with more powersthe departments were transferred Howeverthere is status quo in the departments as far as the functioning is concerned As many as seven primary schools and 20 dispensaries were transferred to the MC Apart from theseall V-3 roads and the gardens and greenbelts that were with the Administration were transferred to the Municipal Corporation When the departments were transferredthe staff was given to the MC for a period of one year during which provisions had to be made for creation of new posts and recruiting staff While almost a year has passed since the proposal to create new posts was sent to the Administration for approvalit is yet to be cleared Instead the staff of the Administration was asked to continue for another year It had been proposed that post of District Education Officer to manage the schools as well as MS for managing the dispensaries be created apart from other posts to head these departments Councillor Subhash Chawla says?and Shiraz Irani, the business community and the civil society are opposing the implementation of GST in its present form, prompted the authorities to impose restrictions in parts of Srinagar, three One-Day Internationals and three Test matches. who take on South Korea in their opening match. We have calculated these starting from the year 2010 to this financial year,Yusuf Bhardwaj, who hosts “Indian Idol Junior” along with actor Hussain Kuwajerwala.

This: In a remarkable and intriguing CNN-IBN interview with Salman Khan,that the tradition of giving was ? returning from a 15-month doping ban, Police have also charged the duo with circulation of obscene material and cheating. The state has the second lowest Vidhan Sabha seats 40 in India (after Sikkim). She’s amazing. adding that there are still ways to avoid clashes although the United States and coalition forces can fully defend themselves,000 per head, he says For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shekhar Gupta | Updated: April 8 2014 3:49 pm In this Walk the Talk on NDTV 24×7 with The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta former Union minister Arun Shourie talks about the tasks for the new government the Gujarat CM’s style of working the “understanding” that Modi could reach with the RSS and the fall in stature of the PMO Related News In this Walk the Talk on NDTV 24×7 with The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta former Union minister Arun Shourie talks about the tasks for the new government the Gujarat CM’s style of working the “understanding” that Modi could reach with the RSS and the fall in stature of the PMO These polls are being described as the most significant elections in India’s history although you will agree every election in India is called that That and in 1977 when the Emergency was being voted upon Yes so everything is significant Everything is significant except people like us can say ‘Hamare time mein zyaada important tha (Things were more important during our days)’ But this election is different in the sense that you might see a change of not just parties or a coalition but a change of character temperament style ideology There will be a change in the sense that it is a presidential election… The people local candidates mattered a lot the parties mattered a lot But this time only one figure… His critics have made him (that) and the nature of Modi’s own campaign… Either vote for or against Narendra Modi That’s the issue And naturally Modi is a very different person from Dr Manmohan Singh and others whom we have seen Therefore the style of governance will completely change I think it’ll be much more centred around the prime minister’s office the Cabinet Secretariat — 30 secretaries appointed directly by the prime minister — and the government run through them I had written in 2007 the day before the results in Gujarat that if Modi wins and I had sort of stuck my neck out that he will not defer to the RSS as say Atal Bihari Vajpayee or L K Advani did I think Vajpayee did not defer but he was able to manage In Modi’s case I think there will be a clear understanding and if the understanding works the RSS can monitor the conduct of individual members of the BJP who become MPs or ministers and leave policy formation to the government I think that is a good division of labour Probably Modi will ensure that You also might see over-correction But the fact is that the prime minister’s office needs to have its — for want of a better word in English — iqbal restored Yes absolutely To what do you ascribe this fall in stature of the PMO Actually to the prime minister himself The authority of the prime minister of India is so enormous and I have always felt that this business of blaming Sonia Gandhi for everything — ‘Woh kara rahi hain usko main rok raha hoon (She is asking me to do this I’m stopping it)’ — is just not the case I cannot imagine her being so interested in the details and therefore it is the prime minister And in any case there was the RSS and Vajpayee You could see the RSS was more powerful than Sonia Gandhi But Vajpayee insulated the government When the RSS wanted Brajesh Mishra and N K Singh removed Vajpayee said ‘Take my head they stay on with me’ And remember everybody would shout against Yashwant Sinha his policies But it was Vajpayee who always stood by him So prime minister’s office is central it has to be strengthened but many more things have to be done Because our governance is in shambles Absolutely from top to down Arvind Datar the famous lawyer and an authority on income tax in India was saying that several multinational companies have been served notices A company has a factory in Chennai they have exported and suddenly the income tax fellow says ‘No no where is the export form’ Actually he has seen the export forms he has done the audit for one month of that company and says ‘No these are not exports Foreign exchange has come in Rs 20000 crore has come in so it’s exports’ He says ‘No I say these are inter-state sales so you pay such-and-such amount’ And he (Datar) was telling me about a case he’s handling in which the company has said ‘We are not investing in India we are moving to Vietnam’ So if you are giving targets to income tax officers they will just slap notices and this is the consequence On the other side you have the Ministry of Commerce saying ‘100 per cent FDI 80 per cent FDI’ Who’s going to come Things have to be done from top to bottom because one of the consequences of Dr Manmohan Singh abdicating his authority was that every single person became a government on his own And every man for himself In the sense that ‘Pata nahi kal kya hoga (who knows what may happen tomorrow)’ Yes absolutely In my own case Hindustan Zinc your paper published that an inquiry was started The Supreme Court has set it aside the high court has set it aside The CBI’s seniormost people said there is no inquiry but one SP and DSP based in Jodhpur started an inquiry And when they came here they talked to the officer they talked to me they talked to two officers we asked them what is the complaint They said ‘There was no written complaint we got the information orally’ I remember when economic reforms first started in ‘91 I was coming from overseas and started chatting with Customs people I said ‘Kya kar rahe ho aap Now things are very relaxed’ He said ‘No we are not following any of the new orders we are checking everybody because these two fellows Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia want to sell India’s interests destroy our industry and give it all to multinationals We will never let this happen’ So this is a country of self-appointed freedom fighters That is one point The second is… Avinash Prasad a big consultant based in the UK said the task of the new government is going to be to break India’s anti-growth lobby The enemies of change Would you define that lobby They are people who imagine the difficulties that change would bring about One is the povertarian who says growth is bad ‘Growth is bad’ secondly ‘inequality will increase’ You make a big dam there’ll be families that have to be relocated It’s one point to have good rehabilitation relief policies but what happens in India is you start focusing only on the three families which have not got housing as yet And you say the whole thing is bad The activists do it they are issue-hunting Media falls for those activists So any negative stance in India gets a lot of play Therefore it’s the income tax officer the lower courts a whole network that is impeding growth I heard a former general say the other day that there’s a nuclear plant coming up in Haryana ‘A canal’s water will be used to cool it and then the water will irrigate the fields it will carry radiation’ This is almost like Mani Ram Bagri in the ‘60s saying ‘Bhakra Nangal mein paani mein se bijli nikali ab gehoon kya paida hoga (Electricity has been taken out of Bhakra Nangal waters what wheat can it irrigate now)’ These things go unquestioned now Indira Gandhi said in 1983 in Parliament that one of the great breakthroughs for India’s atomic programme was the uranium finds in Andhra Pradesh We have not been able to take one teaspoon out of it I will admit that the media is a lot to blame in this We too don’t want to be confused with facts… ‘Meri theory hai mujhe khabar mil gayi hai confuse na karo (This is my theory I have the information please don’t confuse me)’ If the telecom scam was 44 per cent of India’s GDP the price of that spectrum in 2007 so be it I think there are very difficult decisions to be taken which Modi would have to use all his reputation to do I was looking at these debt figures in Pranab Mukherjee’s time… In the next five years you know how much we have to repay Almost three times what we have been repaying So what will you do on expenditure on subsidies because you can’t go on cutting capital expenditure as has happened You can’t just go on postponing expenditure to April from March and show that my deficit is okay One good thing has happened in the middle of all this At least we have an RBI governor now who has a calming presence There is faith that there is professionalism in policy formulation Therefore I was distressed that pebbles are being thrown at him by maybe prospective ministers Meghnad Desai was right in saying ‘You remove Raghuram Rajan not one penny of foreign direct investment will come in’ People will not have faith that this is going to be a professionally run country even in monetary policy which has always been insulated from political winds So Modi will have a lot of disciplining to do other ministers finance defence… You know better than anybody else what the condition of civil-military relations is what A K Antony’s modesty has cost the country I call Antony the Bapu Nadkarni of politics Bapu Nadkarni was a cricketer who holds a world record that will never be broken — 22 consecutive maiden overs His figures were I think 24 overs 23 maidens one run and no wicket He would not let anyone make runs nor get them out When batting he wouldn’t get out nor score runs But there is another feature which our common friend Ajai Shukla told me about… I hope I remember the figure correctly 88 per cent is revenue expenditure of the Army’s budget Only 12 per cent is for new acquisitions and weapons and capital improvement So is this the way to defend the country The answer to everything has been to pass the buck on to a committee Either it’s the GoM or an e-GoM or there is one more regulator… The head of SEBI he gave me a figure Do you know how many regulators there are for the economy Thirty-six In the financial sector alone there are nine In one single sector education there are 13 regulators That’s why we have such wonderful higher education With these 13 regulators the good colleges are not being allowed to function and you have a situation in which Rayalaseema University alone in two years gave 2600 PhDs Secondly 23 universities in Andhra Pradesh admitted in five years 38000 PhD candidates and gave PhDs to half of them I think it was Agra University or one of these old universities in UP which gave a PhD on ‘Hindi Sahitya mein lote ka mahatva’ You just have to have the imagination In many cases you don’t even have to have that… And you know we are talking of governance at this (top) level At the bottom we just don’t understand what governance has become That’s why the appeal of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) I’ll give you an instance We were sitting in the evening and the person downstairs he told me a policeman has come I ran down and he asked if Anita Shourie lived there I said ‘Yes she is my wife she is unwell so she is upstairs’ He said that she is a proclaimed absconder I asked why (He said) that summons were served but there was no acceptance so now a non-bailable warrant had been issued against her He said if she didn’t appear in a Faridabad court by 11 am the next day she would be imprisoned for five years I ran to Faridabad There was a young magistrate sitting there so I asked her ‘Madam you issued this but why’ She said ‘Our register shows that five times the summons were served’ I said that didn’t happen nobody came And then somebody said sometimes people do not go and just write in the register that summons were not accepted But why was it served She said ‘You built an illegal farmhouse’ I said ‘We’ve not built any farmhouse’ She said ‘You don’t own such-and-such plot’ I said we owned it but sold it five years ago because we needed the money to build a house near Pune The person standing there happened to be the person appearing as the prosecutor He said ‘Yes they have not built the house they don’t even own the plot’ But she said ‘Now the process has started your wife has to appear at the next hearing’ She was suffering so two of us had to hold her and take her there The magistrate saw her condition said ‘Okay I’ll give bail but only till the next hearing because I may be transferred’ Now Anita is on bail for a summons which was not served which was issued for a house that we have not built on a plot which we don’t own But I keep going to Faridabad That’s why people are so angry Angry and therefore a great opportunity for Modi but one which will require implementation from top to bottom He’ll need a lot more talent my apologies than what the BJP has right now Well that’s true If you look at the candidates from political classes as a whole — not (just) from a party — they are the same as they were last time Or their children And you have to make a government out of this There was this wonderful couplet by Anand Narain Mulla He has written a book on Muslim personal law and he writes shayari also He said Dil qaidi ka behlane ko… To comfort the prisoner To give solace to the prisoner… Darbaan badalte jaate hain The guards keep changing So that should not happen The fact that all hope has come to rest on Modi is a great responsibility for him… Naturally he would require as you said a lot of talent As he has mobilised for the elections he will have to mobilise for the government And you get the sense that the process has started I suppose in a preliminary way some lists would have been done some notes made But probably everything has got swept aside because of the campaign He has surprised everybody with his energy With energy focus A good way to look at it is to see in retrospect that all manufactured apprehensions — ‘other BJP leaders will not let him come’ ‘he does not have appeal outside Gujarat’ ‘the Congress will do some trick’ — have fallen aside ‘He’s not a Brahmin’ Yes anything saying he is a chaiwallah Mani Shankar Aiyar only made him famous You and Mani Shankar went to the same college at the same time We were in the same class His great achievement in life is that he got I think 4 per cent (marks) more than me in his exam So Modi needs talent Talent and also he needs the perseverance he has shown Not GoMs and so on What his style is he makes everyone who is concerned sit together Let’s say coal has to be solved everybody concerned must sit on the table discuss it thoroughly for eight hours Decisions are taken there and then Coal secretaries are asked what they need finance what they need commerce… it is done there and then Now report back (in) the next meeting one month from now If you were to give Modi a to-do list and a not-to-do list what are the three things you will put on each one Find persons Everything depends on the persons you will choose No appointment is unimportant because suddenly irrigation may become important power may become important mines and coals may become important Second please watch the conduct of everybody because everybody will be watching Third please realise how difficult the situation today is with the economy and with national security China which is doing well is a threat to India Similarly with the Americans going out of Afghanistan in a sense in defeat Pakistan acquiring influence there has only one way to deal with its militants — deflect them back into India Also don’t worry too much about the leaders of opposition here make the chief ministers of India your partners in governing India Panditji (Jawaharlal Nehru) in the most difficult circumstances at the height of the Chinese war would write a fortnightly letter to each chief minister explaining to them the general context of policy And the three ‘not-to-do’s’ Do not take a single tainted or incompetent person in your government Because as they say a single chain is as strong as its weakest link Follow up every order that you have given This is not Ahmedabad this is Delhi This is a Mayanagri One more thing to avoid I have seen in Rajiv Gandhi’s case and other cases they thought that because they are managing Parliament they are managing the situation Not the case Transcribed by Hansika Chopra Correction: In an earlier version the reference to Anand Narain Mulla incorrectly appeared as “a mullah in Allahabad” The error is regretted For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ektaa Malik | Published: May 20 2017 5:59 am OM Puri in a still from Aakrosh (File) Top News The mention of Om Puri brings a smile to the face of veteran director and writer Govind Nihalani In town for the Om Puri retrospective at the 12th Habitat Film festival which kicked off yesterday at India Habitat Centre in Delhi Nihalani is perhaps the perfect fit to helm a retrospective on the late actor Puri gave some of his best performances in Nihalani’s films “My first memory of Om Puri takes me back about 35 years I had just come to Mumbai and was in the glorious struggle phase My friend Ram Mohan who pioneered modern Indian animation was making a black-and-white documentary and we were brainstorming on whom to cast We had heard from the then director of FTII Girish Karnard that there are these two fine actors at FTII but they both are on strike as part of the ongoing agitation at the institute I had also heard of these actors So we thought bula lete hain dekhten hain We called them and informed them of this documentary that we were making Om and Naseer they came and met us They were supposed to play out-of-work labourers Humne socha shakal surat achchi hai correct?Aakrosh (1980),"It was full of black smoke.

and the pacts to be signed between the state and Israel during Netanyahu’s visit. who has been exclusively shooting for his upcoming film ‘Raees’, Directed by Rahul Dholakia, The home ministry is considering asking the juvenile to sign the legal bond under Section 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) once he is released, it means that we can continue to play our home matches in London during our season away. "I don’t think they have any moral authority to do so, after he put on 126 and 123 with Chris Rogers in the last two Tests of the 2013-’14 series. Manolo Gabbiadini,Rahim? will not bring lasting peace.

000 billion) of gold. Published Date: Jul 21, This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.good neighbourly relations? This pact was opposed not only by K Kamarajthe most powerful member of the Syndicate instrumental in installing Lal Bahadur Shastri as PMbut also by VK Krishna Menonone of Jawaharlal Nehrus foreign policy mavens Similarlyjust after Partitionthe influx of refugees caused immense trouble in states bordering East and West Pakistan in 1947 Stillthere was no provincial criticism about the foundations of our foreign policy The refugee problem did not end with Partition the crackdown in East Pakistan by the West Pakistan army in 1971 again resulted in unprecedented migration to West Bengalalmost changing the demographic profile of the state But the state withstood the calamity without protest and concurred with national foreign policy The Global Summit on Changing Bihar held in February this year marked the first time that a policy initiative centred on provincial interestsalbeit with international ramificationswas taken by a state Since Independencethe Central government has not made a concerted effort to improve Indo-Nepal relations Patna has a major stake in maintaining good relations with Kathmandu as it shares a long international border with Nepal Most of the rivers that devastate Bihar originate in Nepal By inviting the Nepal PM Baburam Bhattarai to open the summitBihar CM Nitish Kumar initiated an improved relationship between the two countriesthus reinforcing the Centres foreign policy towards Nepal The writer is member-secretaryAsian Development Research Institute Patna For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vivekananda L Sondhi | Published: May 18 2016 12:01 am ML Sondhi (Source: mlsondhiorg website) Related News We have been witnessing a struggle for the political high ground on issues emanating from campus incidents involving the Sangh Parivar and the Left parivar (plus Congress) In this charged atmosphere it may be useful to go over a few incidents from the life of the one famous JNU academician associated with the BJP A serial topper in university exams ML Sondhi had begun his doctoral studies in economics under VKRV Rao at the Delhi School of Economics in 1956 when he learnt he had come first in the civil services exam and also won the Rhodes scholarship Opting for the IFS from 1956 to 1961 Sondhi had stints in Czechoslovakia the UN and MEA during which short period he caught the attention of Jawaharlal Nehru and Krishna Menon Dissatisfied with the direction of India’s foreign policy and seeking other ways to serve the nation he resigned from the IFS In 1962 A Appadorai director of the Indian School for International Studies (ISIS) hired Sondhi on the understanding that the young scholar would help build expertise in East European studies Sondhi also took a keen interest in politics and in 1967 he successfully contested the Lok Sabha election from the New Delhi constituency where Deen Dayal Upadhyaya helped him secure the Jana Sangh ticket In the 1971 election Indira Gandhi’s slogan of “Garibi Hatao” worked its magic in Delhi and Sondhi returned full time to academia By then the ISIS had been absorbed into the newly formed JNU under Vice Chancellor G Parthasarathi a confidant of the Gandhi family but with little academic experience On Nurul Hasan’s ministerial watch educational institutions started the preferential hiring of Marxists Given his membership of the Jana Sangh and his outspoken criticism of India’s foreign policy Sondhi was steadily marginalised at JNU and faced institutional hostility from teachers students and the administration The promised centre for East European studies never materialised On the first day of the Emergency although Sondhi’s name was on Sanjay Gandhi’s hit list he fortuitously escaped arrest The politically pliant JNU administration threatened to sack him if he failed to join duty Harassment was routine: Sondhi was passed over for promotion sometimes even overtaken by former students When denied the deanship of the IR department in 1989 he issued a public statement: “I was blacklisted from the post because I happen to be a member of the BJP’s national executive… other colleagues of mine also have political affiliations… some are members of the CPI(M) or have strong communist sympathies I will always support their freedom of political belief as I would expect them to respect mine” Imtiaz Ahmed wrote to him sympathetically: “…teachers have been reduced to choosing between joining the communists and thereby surrendering their freedom of conviction and speech or remaining content to live on the periphery of university life” Sondhi moved the courts and faced with a case they were bound to lose JNU sought an out-of-court settlement None of this came in the way of Sondhi helping to defuse conflict situations In 1983 he led the teachers in demanding that the administration under Congress-appointed VC PN Srivastava revoke expulsion orders on socialist office-bearers of the JNUSU An obdurate administration called in the police students were lathi charged the faculty’s and VC’s houses were damaged and Section 144 imposed on the campus Around 300 students were lodged in Tihar facing charges under 17 counts Sondhi and his wife along with a lawyer visited them to offer assistance In 1997 to condemn the murder in Bihar of CPI(ML) activist Chandrashekhar Prasad (ex-president of JNUSU) Sondhi organised a meeting at the IIC In 1998 by then professor emeritus Sondhi introduced VC Ashis Datta to Harsh Vardhan Delhi’s health minister who prevailed upon the BJP government to clear a super-speciality hospital at JNU The Sheila Dikshit administration let the project fall through the cracks The Vajpayee government’s selection of Sondhi in 2000 as ICSSR chairperson was condemned by the Left as a “saffron” appointment They raised an uproar when he named an online ICSSR portal after Shyama Prasad Mukherjee co-founder of the Jana Sangh and an outstanding scholar a member of Nehru’s first cabinet and the youngest VC of Calcutta University Neither Sondhi’s nor Mukherjee’s scholarship sufficed for the Left Ironically Sangh appointees on the ICSSR council also attacked Sondhi for backing a grant to a left-leaning JNU scholar In pursuit of peace he organised the first largescale seminar of Indian and Pakistani social scientists for which he was sacked by the NDA government on made-up charges The Supreme Court restored his honour These incidents show we have been here before but at a cost to the nation Political meddling by the Congress and communists contributed to the decline of many a great university; Marxist dominance led many talented academicians to leave for foreign shores or other professions Recent university incidents have been cynically exploited with a focus on the electoral cycle The SC asked for the implementation of the Lyngdoh commission report in 2006 explicitly calling for student elections and representatives to be dissociated from political parties Ten years later it would seem all actors in the Kanhaiya Kumar case are essentially in contempt of the court Speaking on the 150th anniversary of Madras University in 2006 then President APJ Abdul Kalam had asked that universities be “…given functional autonomy to realise their full potential” We can only plead with our political parties to move their battlegrounds out of campuses and give the next generation a chance The writer is ML Sondhi’s son and a trustee of the Professor ML Sondhi trust He is an investment professional working in the UAE For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: March 2 2017 2:40 am Photo for representational purpose Top News Family members of a Dalit sarpanch in Amreli district who was stabbed to death allegedly by three men over an old dispute have refused to claim the body demanding immediate arrest of the accused The sarpanch of Varasda village was killed Tuesday evening and police so far have made one arrest in the case Jaysukh Madhad 30 was stabbed and also hit with iron pipes police said on Wednesday While the attackers managed to flee Madhad died on the way to the Amreli Civil HospitalFollowing Madhad’s death a group of Dalits protested outside the hospital and his family members refused to claim the body In his complaint Madhad’s elder brother Aravind named Deep Dhadhal Yuvi Dhadhal and Madhu Vala — all residents of Varasda — as accused The complainant said the accused assaulted his brother because of a dispute during the village panchayat election in December last year Amreli SP Jagdish Patel said prima facie rivalry at the time of election led to the murder “The work of developing underground drainage line is going on in the village Deep had demanded that more stone be used for paving the road in front of his house after it was dug up for laying the drainage line He had a dispute over this with the sarpanch Deep had also been demanding a letterhead of the village panchayat from the sarpanch saying that he needed it for a visa application but the sarpanch had told him that he will give it after seeking legal advice Additionally Deep’s father had fielded a panel of his own at the village panchayat election but it had lost to the panel of Madhad In the backdrop of all this the duo entered in an argument on Tuesday evening and Deep stabbed the victim in thigh Madhad died of excessive bleeding” Patel told The Indian Express on Wednesday Meanwhile police arrested Deep on Wednesday morning and officers said efforts were on persuade Madhad’s family to claim the body “Efforts are on to nab the two other accused also” the SP said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Published: March 3 2013 4:55 am Related News An annual conference of printing industrywhich ran into controversy after some of the participants pulled out protesting against an invite to Narendra Modiwas held here Saturday without the Gujarat Chief Minister A Gujarat government official said Modiwho is in the national capital for BJPs national executive meetinghad not accepted the invitation to be the chief guest and a keynote speaker at the day-long conference It was third edition of conference of the printing industry Romancing Print 2013 to find new avenues for business The conference was organised by All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) in association with PRESSIdeas For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 23 2012 1:56 am Related News Attributing a specific role to former chief minster Ashok Chavan in the Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society scamthe Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has alleged that he misused his official position twice as revenue minister in 2000 and as CM in 2009 According to the 74-page synopsis of the chargesheet that was submitted to the special CBI court on July 4a copy of which is with NewslineChavan allegedly accepted financial aid from one of his close friends and Pune-based builder Jayant Shahs son Malav Shah to pay for flats that his relatives bought in the society Chavan had to resign from CMs post in 2009 for his alleged role in the scam The CBI chargesheet said Malav paid Rs 70 lakh for the flats allotted to Chavans relatives Howeverhe allegedly returned Rs 69 lakh to Shah after a PIL was filed before the Bombay High Court The PIL was filed in 2010 on irregularities relating to various state government clearances received by the society As the revenue minister of MaharashtraChavan met chief promoter R C Thakur and president of the Adarsh society Brigadier (Rtd) M M Wanchooalong with the then MLC Kanhaiyalal Gidwanion June 22000 Soon after the meetingChavan made a proposal to include 40 per cent civilians as members of the societywhich as per the chargesheetis evident through a letter submitted to Chavan by the Adarsh society The chargesheet further claimed that Chavan had sought induction of civilian members for obtaining favours for his close relatives His sister-in-law Seema Vinod Sharma had applied for membership and her name figures on the list of 71 society members prepared on August 232002 Again as CM in 2009Chavan allegedly proposed that his mother-in-law Bhagwati Manoharlal Sharmaand Madanlal Milkhiram Sharmathe brother of Chavans father-in-lawbe made members Madanlal was not entitled as he already owned a flat in Andherithe chargesheet said Chavan is one of the 13 peopleincluding Army officials and bureaucratsto be chargesheeted by the CBI in the case Howeverthe special CBI court is yet to take cognisance of the chargesheet All accused named in the chargesheet have been charged with criminal conspiracycheating and criminal misconduct under Sections 120(B) and 420 of IPC and Section 13(1) (d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act The CBI has examined 150 witnesses and attached 161 documents from various departments as evidence For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLudhiana | Published: February 9 2014 11:37 pm In Ludhiana on Sunday Gurmeet Singh Related News Almost after three years the deadlock between A2Z garbage lifting company and Valmiki Samaj workers ended on Sunday with both the parties reaching a compromise over garbage lifting in the city A2Z company hired by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation for collecting garbage from door to door and transporting it to the dumping sites reached the compromise with the Valmiki Samaj Bachao Andolan According to the compromise the sweepers from Valmiki Samaj will continue collecting garbage from door to door but they will have to hand over garbage to A2Z vehicles or bins and not throw it in nooks and corners Talking to Newsline Rajnish Mehra CEO A2Z company said: “Valmiki Samaj was doubtful of we snatching their livelihoods But today we have made it clear that they can keep doing their work like before collecting garbage from doorsteps but will not be allowed to throw it anywhere They will put it in bins placed by us or at dumping sites from where our vehicles will further transport it” Mehra added “Now Valmiki Samaj will be given our uniforms which they have to wear while working and in the next couple of days the process of distributing uniforms in all the wards will be done” Mehra said the “step will ensure a win-win situation for both the parties and make Ludhiana free from eyesores of garbage heaps” A2Z has agreed on providing health insurance to all Valmiki sweepers along with monthly health check-ups Another major step taken has been to ensure that sweepers earn from the recyclable garbage “A2Z has agreed to buy plastic sheets and other recyclable material from Valmiki sweepers at market rates We want to ensure that their livelihood is not affected because of us” said Mehra The toll-free number run by A2Z for garbage-lifting complaints — 1800-1200-117 — was also shared with hundreds of Valmiki workers who came to meet Mehra and Joint Commissioner A S Sekhon at Circuit House on Sunday Surinder Kalyan head Valmiki Samaj Bachao Andolan told Newsline “We are completely satisfied with all the points made by A2Z and will be working in cooperation with them wearing their uniforms” For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 12 2012 5:03 am Related News Ruling in favour of complete immunity for correspondence between the President and Prime Ministerthe Delhi High Court on Wednesday set aside a Central Information Commissions order to the central government to disclose to it the communication between erstwhile Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and then President K R Narayanan over the 2002 Gujarat riots There is a complete bar under Article 74(2) of the Constitution as to the advice tendered by the ministers to the President andthereforethe CIC cannot look into the advice tendered by the President to the Prime Minster and consequently by the President to the Prime Minister or council of ministers? Muslims preferred supporting the RJD, Also read |? Presently, 2016 3:15 am Related News Ahead of monsoons, We thought let the fast bowlers bowl a few overs in the beginning and once the ball gets old.