How to do product marketing


store’s popularity in the end how many factors can affect, however, the product will naturally have a non normal impact. In short, the product is the most important factor in marketing. No product, no market, only high-quality products to gain a foothold in the market. Customers shop purpose is to obtain the use value of the goods, the quality of the goods is better, the use value is higher, the better the service is, the more able to meet consumer demand, customer satisfaction will be higher, this is the basis of cultivating customer loyalty store. If the store’s customers do not loyalty, " hit a shot for a place " do not regard the store as a " according to the ", the store’s popularity will not wang. So from the point of view of the product, the store should do: read more

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How about a snack

food and beverage industry has been enduring, it is a sunrise industry, hunger breeds discontentment, which is already known to many, now, with many people Chinese’s living standards have increased rapidly, snacks has won the majority of consumers favor and love, how to join?

to Denver wealth market, more and more investors turned to join the snacks. As we all know, the food and beverage industry is not saturated with an industry, no matter when and where, as long as the investment projects and eat, the return will never let investors disappointed. According to the analysis, the food and beverage industry profits are very high, and snacks are a lot of Chinese people’s favorite food. read more

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Into the big data era you ready

with the development of the industry, its business opportunities to show a variety of trends. "Big data" in 2013 overused words, but in fact, due to the amount of data loss, data cleaning and analysis capability, and data visualization bottlenecks, "big data" has not been able to delay the landing.

continue to count the amount of data in the index model to proliferate, to strengthen the quality of the data, then put on the agenda of many data providers. In other words, in the face of huge data, even if the computer can efficiently deal with them, but a lot of useless junk data, only to the system read more

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What are the successful business secrets of ice cream shop

although the goal is to set up shop in order to successfully set up shop, however, want to achieve the success of two words, naturally also need to master a certain trick, after all, the market competition is so fierce. In recent years, the rapid development of domestic leisure drinks industry, especially ice cream popular, diners all over the river. Opening an ice cream shop is a good way to make money, but how to run an ice cream shop? The following small series to answer this question for you! read more

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The importance of investment promotion

now no matter what the industry needs to go out, especially in some underdeveloped areas, can help the local merchants exhibition held good business opportunities, so now the country are held some of the investment properties of the exhibition.

the exhibition market competition, the focus has turned to and from exhibitors for the organization of professional audience, who can have the certain quantity and quality of the professional audience especially large buyers, who will win. Therefore, we must attach importance to the work of investment promotion in the planning of the exhibition, at the same time to ensure adequate investment costs, select the effective investment. read more

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The analysis of the psychological quality of female entrepreneurs

for female entrepreneurs, a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in order to gain their own wealth in the competitive market. So, what are the disadvantages of female entrepreneurs?

from the psychology research results for men and women, achievement demand is not the same, instigated the key psychological achievement is male "competition", women’s motivation is "social acceptance", male, and the traditional "concept, and the physiological factors of women in" the women in entrepreneurial produce dependence, inferiority. Many women prefer to mothers, rather than female students in innovation and entrepreneurship, "well done, understanding the representative is inferior to marry well.

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Unable to register the name string of toilet snacks

talk about toilet strings, although the name is indecent, but loyal diners have a lot, but also can be regarded as a very delicious Chengdu snacks. However, in China such a legal society, want to get public recognition, want to obtain legal permission, naturally need to register. There have been rumors, toilet string such a name although attractive, but it can not register. Then, the toilet string name snacks can not be registered?

with "flies restaurant", "toilet string of Chengdu has become the hearts of a chowhound name indecent, a gilded signboard, taste bar fitness. The first "toilet" can not be verified, but it should be open next to the toilet right. However, with this folk brand popular, more and more is not open in the toilet next to the toilet string has spread all over Chengdu. Large and small ten; the name of the same taste quality is different, which makes people confused and troubled shopkeepers chowhound. read more

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To open a tea shop – all business expenses

for investment to join, investors are most concerned about is the cost of the problem, of course, that is, investment funds, take the most popular winter milk tea investment in small projects. Tea is now in the city people’s life necessities, people will be more and more need for tea, will have a larger market, so more and more people have begun to open the different size of the tea shop, then open a tea shop need to how much money? The following small for everyone to analyze.

open a tea shop expense introduction read more

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Open jewelry store store choice in the end is difficult

jewelry sales is a very lucrative business, attracted many people to participate in investment to shop, but the shop before the store choice is crucial, how to find a good jewelry shop store? Choose jewelry store storefront in the end is difficult?

to open his own attention including what? A shop business success, market investigation and site assessment, occupied a very important position. Make money or not with the site is involved in super deep. Note the location of their own shop in the first row. Good feng shui, then everything is booming, the location is poor, a serious cause of put up the shutters.   I do not know if you have a clear understanding of their own shop, the following Xiaobian on a jewelry store location as an example to talk about how to solve the problem with the site read more

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Hubei to support 602 college students venture

is now around for college students entrepreneurship policies given are very loose, recently, in Hubei province for the introduction of the 602 construction project to promote entrepreneurship, some college students are local entrepreneurial activities.

8 18, the reporter was informed that the Hubei Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs, the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of education, the Provincial Department of Finance in 2015 to continue to implement the Hubei college students entrepreneurship support program". Currently, the selection of the 602 projects are being publicized. read more

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Shop looking for sources of experience sharing four

a lot of novice sellers Taobao, after the shop up, the biggest problem is the problem of supply problems, and friends today to share some of their views on the source, only friends.

1, novice shop treat supply, not too anxious, must seriously study, market research, but also to carry out the analysis on the quality of the product and the market, see is not suitable for long-term development, to find their own, do not want to die the other end.

2, treat yourself to some resources for friends, first look at they are not interested, then do plan, you can see the products do, another is to develop its peripheral products, do not hang in a tree. read more

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Hong Qiliang opened the online store with the help of family studio

now, there are many successful online entrepreneurs. Today, Xiaobian to introduce you to a person, his name is Hong Qiliang. At the end of August 2004, Hong Qiliang from the Shanghai Univer advertising art design professional after graduation, did not go to work, but chose to continue to operate their own online store.

"just doing the play, and later found that can earn some pocket money." In the first two months, the store business is relatively cool, mainly low credit. Later, some visitors found the owner of the owner’s reputation is good, repeat customers, business is booming.

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