2015 Xining Xining the two sessions of the four districts of the county have flashed a list of th

February 3rd, Xining mayor Wang Yubo made the government work report to the people of the city to pay a satisfactory answer to the Xining". In the group discussion, excited the district and county delegation, full of confidence and passion for the development of Xining, from infrastructure construction to let the children go to school, "zero burden" open up the broken road from the supermarket to create employment and entrepreneurship"…… Have flashed a list of people’s livelihood in 2015. read more

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Adult college entrance examination in 2016 October 29th test

10 27, the reporter from the provincial examination management center was informed that in 2016 the national adult college entrance examination will be held on October 29th, on the 30 day of the two. The total number of the province’s 9567, a decrease of more than last year, 1175. A total of 21 test sites, 22, a total of 353 test.

examination of the province’s 22 test sites are all arranged in the standardized examination room, the Ministry of education, the province, the test site of the three network monitoring. Zhaoban will also be on the province’s examination of the 353 video surveillance by province video surveillance platform, effectively play the three level platform monitoring. At the same time, the district Zhaoban equipped with high-tech anti cheating equipment shielding instrument and metal detectors, the strict implementation of the "four control", the investigation of the examination to false identification, false admission exam candidates, civil air defense, anti technology measures to guard against the phenomenon of cheating, training, authority and fairness effectively safeguard national education examination. read more

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2015 city state provincial government departments industrial parks and counties urban performanc

in accordance with the provisions of Qinghai Province, "performance appraisal methods (for Trial Implementation)" (green hair [2010] No. 8), the city of the state, the 39 provincial government departments, the 3 industrial parks and the 39 counties (urban) performance evaluation. In accordance with the evaluation criteria and evaluation procedures, the provincial inspection leading group to consider and report to the Provincial Standing Committee for approval, the results of the 2015 annual results are as follows: read more

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Police will be a comprehensive rectification of chaos

In order to ensure the stability of the social order during the festival, according to the Ministry of public security on December 16th, on the national public security organs to effectively strengthen the two sessions during the fight against crime. Provincial Public Security Bureau will organize the province’s public security organs in two sessions during the two sessions to carry out special operations to combat crime and order chaos".

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Careful shop fire for customers

for careful two words, different owners will have a different understanding, some shopkeepers will regard this as a criterion, some shopkeepers do not pay too much attention to. The shop operators who know, do business in good faith as the guidelines, but also can not be less detail services. In this regard, I have been insisting on such business ideas: empathy with customers, always thinking about the needs of customers, the heart and then a little bit more, for the customer to think a little more. read more

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North of the city three years of construction of rural housing incentives for households in 2227


reward housing work in rural area will be carried out in 2010, I reward of rural housing construction and demolition resettlement project combined with the award of the housing construction conditions of rural village, Chaoyang temple, Tai Zi Cun Ma Fang Cun Bei Yuan Zhuang Cun, salt, two cooperatives, Qi Chia Village and North apricot village resettlement as the main village for objects of the rural housing construction award. Three years to complete the construction of rural housing incentives task of 2227.

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Audit department will audit the focus of the public is to expand domestic demand and livelihood fund

this year, the Audit Department of Xining will continue to attach importance to the relationship between people’s livelihood audit, while the eight provisions of the community to accept the supervision of the community, with the people to complete the audit of the livelihood issues related to the project.

February 18th, the staff of Xining Municipal Audit Bureau, this year, Xining Municipal Audit Bureau will continue to strengthen the audit supervision on agriculture, education and social security and other special funds and project funds to expand domestic demand, highlighting the concern and attention of the masses of hot and difficult problems and the relationship between people’s livelihood project audit. At the same time, also formulated the provisions of the eight: not allowed to use the auditees transportation, communication tools and other office conditions for matters unrelated to the audit work; were not allowed to participate in the audit unit to arrange the banquet, tourism, entertainment and fun activities; not in the audited units because of the public private reimbursement for any expenses are not allowed to be audited; to promote the sale of any goods or services are not allowed to use the audit authority; or knowledge of the business secrets of the auditees and internal information, for themselves and others for profit etc.. read more

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Four major projects to accelerate the construction of the rule of law

With the advance of administering District, West District, in 2015 will focus on promoting the development of the system of governance and governance capacity modernization requirements, innovative governance, stimulate social vitality, establish a sound long-term mechanism of urban governance, the rule of law to promote the overall construction of the west.

to accelerate the transformation of government functions, promote the government administration according to law, standardize the operation of the administrative power in the west area of "rule of law construction of West" as a guide, the implementation of the rule of law government construction, to improve the ability of using government thinking and the rule of law, social management services to lay the foundation for the masses. Implementation of the "sunshine village" project, through the establishment of village level financial agency service center, a comprehensive inventory of rural funded, to further standardize and improve the democratic supervision mechanism, to ensure that the village public power transparent sunshine. read more

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How long the Wei Jian also block the way

Sea Lake Road billboard trash pile.

Bowen Road Street put garbage bucket.

Nanchuan Road No. 133 Hospital of the dead garbage.

Yangjiazhai village in aqua.

Chaoyang ditch serious garbage dump phenomenon.

diligent Lane Cordyceps market there are garbage dead.

Fu Lu Xiang No. 52 hospital garbage tank overflow serious.

nine Bay Village burning garbage.

Jian Wei is at a critical juncture!


July 11th "the meet to review the National Health City sprint mobilization" held four mobilize quickly to concentrate on the standard look bad, increase the implementation of the rectification, carry forward the spirit of Chuangwei, quickly set off a new round of architectural review climax. However, the individual parts of the rectification is still not in place, from July 11th to July 14th, the City Patriotic Sanitation in building and sanitary inspections found that there are still outstanding problems of city sanitation, catering industry, urban village, urban high, market management, the situation is not optimistic. According to Ai Wei office responsible person, at present, our city will usher in the construction of patriotic trial, but as these problems and a repeated repeated stumbling block, seriously affected our city construction achievements of wei. To ensure that the construction of the patriotic pass smoothly, four areas still need cheering, confidence, overcome difficulties. read more

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A gust of wind sail brilliant Yong forefront write Hubei report of west area of reform and develo

this is an ancient land, more than 1600 years ago, the southern cold Wang Tufa lonely lonely here parade one hundred thousand. The history of the stage curtain, the interpretation of the thousands of years of pastoral defeat, suffering from "discarding" days spoiled.

this is a full of vitality of the land, when the Huangshui River and river kylin at the intersection of the 56.9 square kilometers of the vast fertile land, which outlines the earliest contour shape.

this is a burst of passion and vitality of the land, the traditional and modern history and fashion blend in here, in here, now, here is gradually become the most developed city for the province’s financial, tourism and trade. read more

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City hospital held a thorough implementation of the city’s health conference will promote the spirit

on the morning of November 30, 2010, the Xining health work conference held in Qinghai Convention center. Meeting on deepening the reform of the medical and health system and accelerate the development of health undertakings in Xining made a detailed deployment. This paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges of health work in our city, and studies the key work of the health system reform in the future.

in the future work, we will conscientiously sum up experience, to keep pace with the times, innovation, exploration of hospital internal operation mechanism, strengthen hospital management, improve the overall strength of the hospital, the city hospital construction comprehensive three A-level hospitals strive.

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Central investigation of 32 security risks

in order to seriously implement the central and provincial and municipal safety inspections major renovation of the spirit of the meeting, the city district administration in conjunction with industry and commerce, public security and fire, health and other departments to carry out safety inspections in the hundred days campaign, the existing problems in the inspection of the unit immediately rectification.

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300 famous enterprises gathered in the city will meet

, the central city of the rising river source, is attracting more and more attention from Chinese famous enterprises and famous entrepreneurs with more and more powerful "heartbeat" in Xining. In 2013 Xining city will discuss the development of investment, Hongkong Yi Tak Holdings, Guangdong materials group, Jiangsu Albert construction group and a number of well-known domestic enterprises gathered in Xining, they signed a development agreement or investment, or have the intention of study. read more

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1559 masters in research and development in Guangdong Province

In recent years, the scale of science and technology research and development team continues to grow, further improve the quality of R & D personnel. Reporters learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, as of the end of last year, the province’s science and technology personnel for 22968 people, an increase of 0.7% over the previous year, of which R & D personnel, an increase of 5.9% over the previous year.

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Government purchase pension services benefit 6000 people

Government purchase pension service work has been in full swing in our city. In June 18th the reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, since the start to carry out the work of the government purchase pension services, currently the city has more than 6000 people benefit from government purchase pension service model, pension institutions funded by the government to buy to let old people enjoy more standardized pension services.

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Efforts to tackle Xining started the battle of the city

Located in the underdeveloped areas, and is the capital city of Xining, poverty alleviation, is definitely a tough battle: the three counties, Huangzhong, Datong and Huangyuan are poor county; there are 90% poor villagers live in shallow brainmountain region; rural poverty here, Alexander goushen, bad weather traffic inconvenience…… One side of the soil is difficult to feed a person. But to fully into a moderately prosperous society, we must not let any one village, any one family behind.

in order to make Xining comprehensive well-off, the municipal government solemnly promises to make the city’s 76 thousand poor people a year ahead of poverty, poor areas and other areas of synchronous well-off. To this end, Xining leading cadres at all levels, departments and industries, to win the battle of poverty as a top priority, in order to "dry in reality in the forefront, the spirit of the guidelines, Lulitongxin in accordance with the" refined, accurate and practical "principle, to work together to complete the task of poverty alleviation.

the task in hand, Time will not wait for me. Xining pull out of poverty "hand", tougher, more targeted, more direct and more sustainable measures in precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty under great efforts!

I to poverty alleviation and development work priority among priorities, to work in rural areas are real, and do practical things. Driven by a series of poverty alleviation and development of key projects, the city’s poor population decreased from 306 thousand and 700 in 2011 to 112 thousand in 2015, the per capita net income of farmers in three counties increased from 6154.5 yuan to 9487.4 yuan, poor areas of education, health care, housing, employment, social security and other public services has improved significantly, transportation, water conservancy, electricity and for drinking water and other infrastructure conditions continue to improve. Poverty alleviation and development work in the forefront of the province.

to the general Village Township, was a poor village outside the village girl killed not marry "". To change the appearance of the village, on the foundation of forest tenure reform, funded by the government led the villagers to invest in the development of forest economy, the establishment of general village forestry and animal husbandry cooperatives, farmers and cooperatives to achieve common development pattern. Today, the village chicken in woodland runningabout, rhubarb, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Angelicae Sinensis and other Chinese herbal medicines by woods, these generals village to bring 6000 yuan per capita income benefit.

[Xining] practice

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Efforts to build a more prosperous Qinghai civilized and harmonious and beautiful cities and countie

day, the cities of the province, held by the central group learning, Party members and cadres (enlarged) meetings, seminars and other forms of communication seriously study and implement the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee (expand) the spirit of the meeting. The City State Party cadres agreed to unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, firmly establish political awareness, overall awareness, consciousness, consciousness as the core, and unswervingly safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee and the Central Party committee unified leadership. To thoroughly study and understand the spirit of the plenary session, grasp the significance of comprehensive strictly, strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, strengthen inner-party supervision, the spirit of thinking and action to the plenary session, and strive to create a political environment delicate gas is, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "four major solid" requirements of the letter, to Qinghai to build a more prosperous civilized harmonious and beautiful. read more

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