Shi Gong public entrepreneurship is not everyone Entrepreneurship

Effects of

on the management policy, people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is rising, and even a lot of people the phenomenon of blindly follow the trend, therefore, the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of Henan group open day, the National People’s Congress, vice president of Tsinghua University Shi Yigong speech cited concern: the public business is not to   everyone business  .

3 7 afternoon, the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of Henan delegation held a joint meeting, open to both domestic and foreign media. Including the Dow Jones newswires, Bloomberg News Agency, Reuters, 9 foreign media, 35 central media, 5 foreign media, 17 provincial media, a total of 153 journalists attended the joint meeting of Henan group. Speaking on behalf of the National People’s Congress, Tsinghua University vice president Shi Shi put forward the idea of high-profile. read more

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Lotus supermarket employment began to award


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, and next year is still the entrepreneurship policy, 2016 is to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. But it should be the sun in 2015 the results of innovation and entrepreneurship. Fujian Putian Lotus supermarket, employment and entrepreneurship award, "one-stop" service to help 76 people to succeed in business, absolutely deserved.

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What are the names of the company notice

The name of the

company is extremely important, but it is not good to do, we should pay attention to the attention is even more. So, what are the names of the company? Let Xiaobian for you to do a brief analysis.

1, the company’s attention to what? Line number (name), industry (said), the full name of the three must be. "Name" can not grams "," said "not grams" name". Because they’re inseparable. "Name" G is called under the gram. Only reduce disaster, not to reduce blessing. "Said" grams "name", for the next. There is no lack of filial piety, respect, or not, from the intentions of the elephant, easy to cause chaos. read more

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nnovation and entrepreneurship competition to promote the management of construction progress

governments at all levels began to summarize in 2015 this year, there are good progress in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Yunnan through innovation and entrepreneurship contest to help more entrepreneurial team to show themselves in order to get more entrepreneurial results.

is implemented on the national public entrepreneurship, innovation and deployment requirements, in 2015, Yunnan province science and Technology Department of the Joint Provincial United Front Work Department, the provincial education department and other relevant departments and provincial units, jointly organized the first Yunnan province innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the fourth Chinese innovation contest in Yunnan match". In order to contest the "innovation dream, pioneering colorful Yunnan" as the theme, from the beginning of May to the end of August, after the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, the province’s 92 enterprises and team respectively won the contest awards, the organizing committee recommended 18 winners and the team qualify for the fourth session of the China industry innovation contest finals. read more

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Safe tea shop to join the details

Hongkong has always been a delicacy of various quality areas, whether it is to eat or drink, are world famous food brands, so a join project today Xiaobian to recommend to you is from Hongkong’s famous brand of tea drinks, shelter. Typhoon shelter (Hongkong) catering group Co., Ltd., originated in Hongkong, ten years old brand catering, with Hong Kong background. Since its opening in 2005, relying on the mainland market, rapid development.

typhoon shelter milk tea shop to join details

has a hi gravity typhoon shelter, hugging bear coffee, fruit will be comfortable and other fashion restaurant brand. Adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation with franchisees, the country has direct and franchise stores more than 3 thousand and 500. Has helped thousands of people to start a successful business, for tens of thousands of people to solve the employment problem. read more

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What are the matters needing attention in the opening of the cafeteria


of our country is the importance of eating very much, the development of the catering industry is also very popular, loved by the people, in recent years, the cafeteria very low by consumers love, a lot of people earn a lot of money hungry in which you are not ready to open a cafeteria? But want to open a cafeteria is not a simple matter, and we say that the following aspects of the restaurant to open what matters.

food quality

although the cafeteria, the business model, there are other restaurants do not have the advantage, but it is able to taste and quality of restaurants and other restaurants as the case; if we want to make our cafeteria can bring us enough profit and market share, when so we operate in their own store, you need to pay attention, we should ensure that the quality of your food should be at a high level. read more

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The deer staged nine food marketing mode

Yimeng deer business model and diverse, products are mainly based on health care as the center, the unique brand features highlight chowhound charm. Nine marketing model, a deer is even more exciting than. The following small series as we carefully introduced which nine models.

first: Hotel model


nine deer Yimeng shop

main 100 multi-channel full or 100 multi-channel full banquet donkey deer banquet or feast of rabbit rabbit head mute rabbit, roasted rabbit, rabbit, badger, wild duck and goose row Paozai dishes, with the wine wine wine such as deer antler deer blood wine characteristics and sparkling wine, gift selling health, delicious dishes, a shop in profits three shop. read more

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Stainless steel overall cabinet Market Prospects

overall cabinet market prospects, attracting the attention of franchisees. If you want to embrace a larger market, you can choose to invest in the industry’s quality projects, the development of shun. A lot of franchisees are consulting the overall value of stainless steel cabinets in the home is not worth investing in small series to analyze this, I hope to help you.

at present, the domestic cabinet industry is in a period of rapid development, high-end stainless steel cabinets, the overall cabinet has been widely accepted as an important part of commodity residential and home decoration. From the point of view of the development of home decoration industry, stainless steel cabinet to join the prospects, the overall market potential is very large cabinets. read more

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