Minister of Social Cohesion with responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport

first_imgSincerest Youman Nabi greetings to you all. Today, we join the Islamic community to celebrate the birth and life of their Prophet, Hazrat Muhammed Sahib (Peace be upon him).Prophet Muhammed was the personification of righteousness. His teachings and deeds have been so powerful that they influenced the beginning of the world’s second largest religion, with over one billion persons now following the path of Islam.His teachings of compassion, love, kindness, charity, brotherhood and tolerance have become universal. It is, therefore, important that we take this day to rededicate ourselves to the ideals for which he lived his life.I urge you, my brothers and sisters, to see beauty in the diversity of these six peoples and cultures that dwell in the Land of Many Waters.Let us honour this great Prophet by shattering the barriers that have divided us for far too long. Let us be kind and compassionate to all fellow beings, regardless of their ethnic background and social status. Do your part to practise and promote peace over chaos, and forgiveness over fighting and malice. Following the Prophet’s teachings is key, helping us achieve social cohesion here in Guyana and across the globe. There is forever strength in unity.Happy Youman Nabi, Guyana!last_img