Novice was looking for links

for web site, someone once said that the content is king, the chain is gold. These two can be said to support the site to promote the volume of big magic weapon. For content, we do not have to say, the original good, pseudo original improvise. And to the friendship link is all webmaster, especially some new station and the PR value is not high web site headache. Seven today will tell us about how to do is to see their Links.

1, go to Baidu, Google search friendship link post. And then go to the above AD, leaving the site’s address and contact information. That’s what I started with. It’s the most wasteful and inefficient way to do it. It doesn’t work anymore. read more

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Webmaster tools for reference only correct analysis of data is the operation of the road


webmaster tools, I believe that the vast majority of the webmaster friends every day to check their website data, at present the Chinaz and love station webmaster tools should be used most, it is because of the webmaster tools better, Baidu also launched a long tool. Guardian read today’s blog Lu Songsong, an article mentioned: do not forget, as well as webmaster helper.

no matter whether we believe, for the webmaster, webmaster tools we use a reference data for more, but how many really good friends use webmaster tools? I believe that many webmaster can’t say a word. Because most of the webmaster only view included, ranking, some webmaster will check links and so on. For webmaster tools, many times we don’t value them. read more

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Positioning strategy of WAP website construction in 3G Era

mobile Internet has always been a hot topic in the industry are discussed, in view of the development of hardware equipment and 3G network, a new market to show in front of many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, how excited they are waiting for the arrival of the opportunity and prepare? And how carefully, follow the prevention everywhere is to reduce the exchange risk? Risk, look for opportunities, expand their horizons and capture the future process, so the 3G increasingly hot topic. If there is a product that can change the pattern of the traditional Internet, then this product is undoubtedly 3G Technology (third generation mobile communications technology). read more

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The most powerful hacker counterattack in history

some time ago, a friend of the web server was hacked, his server on top of the three sites, of which two new sites have not been included Baidu, and an old station just to do a 301 redirect to the new domain name, the new domain name redirection has just been included in Baidu. It was hacked this is too normal thing, but that hackers are even the point of "moral" are not speaking, according to the common sense, you hang a Trojan point and what I received personal feel normal, but that a rogue to just do a 301 redirect the domain name server to do 301 redirect to his domain name, and the new domain name redirection others have just been included in Baidu, leading to the final K, his website is a trojan website, my friend almost mad. read more

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The life process of an amateur stationmaster

in 1999 after graduating from junior high school, high school because of poor somewhat not admitted, my father helped me in the school name! I wanted to learn the computer, but my dream is broken, then I went to school with the students to learn the medical knowledge together! Take it easy, I have been very hard to learn, think about the future when a doctor is also very good, a famous surgeon


day with the students on the streets, stumbled into an Internet cafe, and wake up my love for the computer, I was, what is not, even will not boot! Or server to help me open the machine, and a registered a 8 bit QQ, started the Internet in addition to the Internet career! Chat with QQ, what will not, hit 30 words a minute can use pinyin is very good! As long as it is on Sunday, with the Internet love students go to Internet cafes read more

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The first time knew the Baidu K station really didn’t need any reason

rookie first written article! (estimated last time) usually low-key man, let alone write! Even junior high school did not finish, what can write a good article? But today is to write to you! (which is also the last time to write the first article to webmaster identity)


first of all, to tell you why I write this article, the reasons are as follows: I started a station from 2008, basically every day update 2 times (morning and afternoon time) work allowed, Baidu is very care for the station every day, basically every day included in the new page, so until July 24, 2008 (the day of IP has exceeded 4000, six months to pull) 4000IP should not be a problem. To July 25th, to the company, directly included in today’s page, before adding to dozens of pages, but the flow is abnormal (usually at IP in the morning has basically been to 800) today is 100, the heart has been vaguely felt that something was wrong! My heart also in the comfort of their own: "it is possible that Baidu may temporarily adjust, tomorrow you can return to normal," it’s always on tenterhooks after a day, 26 days, which is today as usual site, my site included more than 7000 pages have all gone! (website half way, has never done any optimization, I do not know what is the optimal read more

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3721 Youdao search nora The nternet Co that made a big hit and failed

Abstract: 3721 failures have multiple causes. First of all, the fierce competition between Baidu and CNNIC for 3721 makes the market share of 3721 decline. Second, 3721 of CNNIC and Baidu’s judicial proceedings, 3721 of the loss of 3721 of the brand reputation decline.

1, 3721

The name "

3721" comes from "37, twenty-one". The company was founded in 1998 3721, to 2008, Zhou Hongyi has focused on Chinese Internet services, Internet services is the leader of Chinese pioneer and industry, until 3721 the acquirer Yahoo China give up 37213721 in the development China Internet failed. read more

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Brief analysis steps and skills for enterprises to release chain posts in Baidu Post Bar

, whether it is editing the original article or do the chain, we do optimization, the ultimate goal is to let the website keywords in Baidu have a better income and ranking, so as to bring profits to the enterprise. Outside chain release is the key. As everyone knows, the platform of the chain resources is undoubtedly the best Baidu products, but for Baidu products we can not start, can not stop. Well, how do we publish the company in Baidu post bar,


1, registered Baidu Post Bar account, search you want to establish Baidu stick it keywords, landing bar. read more

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see the CMS website sina com cn revision Fage in two words or three

Sina revision, which was once the most respected of all Chinese websites "veteran" level portal, and finally opened her new thing to the bosom.

in fact, Sina has been China’s technology team leader, as early as the last century, in 90s, led by the introduction of CSS standardization, has been taught by various teaching materials and WEB standards team for better singing.

, then the Sina micro-blog team (, has also made great achievements in several areas including big data processing and cloud computing. read more

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How to do the preliminary work of Taobao customers

on Taobao off many articles, now for some people, earning thousands or even million is no longer what a miracle. I have just joined the Taobao customers, learned a lot of Taobao customers knowledge, with some of their views on this model.

look at some statistics today in the Taobao customer community, User Research Report from screenshot took a month to complete, the makeup category has the very big promotion space reflects the comparison of the two diagrams, you want to improve the amount of promotion now, recommended to choose the demand for cosmetics, feel this is a breakthrough, sunscreen, moisturizing, whitening, make-up in the promotion season… What are you waiting for read more

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Do what you know when you are a station

is a novice webmaster, do stand in the first consideration, consider what you are familiar with, but not to blindly follow the trend, what kind of stand do what kind of station, because not familiar with you, so in the end will only cause you to fail. Now many people say industry website promising, so many webmaster learned to do industry website, but mostly blindly follow the trend of the industry! How much do you want, my own understanding of this industry in the site before? You thought I know in the industry field has? Many well done the webmaster is familiar to the industry, and to establish such a site, the preliminary data collection time is long, just do not all of a sudden. Of course, there is in this industry friends, they have their own advantages, because of their work in this industry, understanding of this aspect are many, so their website is popular read more

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Doughty hundreds of members of the web site earn nearly 10000 a month

hundreds of members of the website also earn nearly 10000 a month. Do you believe me? To tell you the truth, I don’t believe it. Yes, that’s true. – no, but a friend changed my mind with facts. This friend used to be in Xi’an, now in Shanghai. I was in Shanghai last week, and this week I had a meal, chat, talk about it, this friend:

1, has sold a domain name to a portal, the domain name is now known to all, is a gateway to the main product. The price is not high, sold tens of thousands. This is the first pot of gold. read more

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Current situation and future development prospects of small game websites

I remember when I was in school, I wrote a small game on the article, only vaguely remember a little strange to say, I write the article is difficult to persevere, such as Baidu technology to improve query related news to prove, or understand the relevant content to your article is perfect and even write what can not remember, I have to say is a failure, I was in the doldrums, but in the course of time has become my style, sometimes only a partial inspiration, sometimes feel that God knows nothing but McCain so much, just like the, I say still reply headache. read more

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How can companies succeed in the nternet era

twenty years ago, a lot of people on the Internet have a smattering of knowledge, think this is a very wonderful and very mysterious thing, but with the development of time, the Internet is gradually exposing the veil of mystery, while China has entered the Internet era. In this context, how can the enterprise succeed?

The challenge of enterprise in

Internet era

many people will feel that the Internet era is actually no impact on the enterprise, especially for some large machinery or other companies, there may be only some clothing accessories companies. The idea is entirely wrong. Careful people may find that many companies now build their own websites and optimize their websites to the top of the search engine. Thus, when consumers search, it is very easy to find the enterprise, so that this enterprise in visibility and sales have a very good role in promoting. Therefore, enterprises can only make their own adjustments, in order to enable them to have very good development. read more

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A grassroots webmaster of the three site experience

a lot of people asked me if I was cheated on the Internet, I said basically no, the only thing is to do web site, let people cheat 2 times. Once is online, once or around?. I think this is not just the use of network deception, in fact, more performance in the current site people, a more common state. It seems that they eat by technology, otherwise they eat more on their mouths. The production site opened, although it may be relatively easy, but I think I like this object using the Internet to do business or to promote their own network and do not understand how the site is still a reference point. read more

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Grasp the high quality content of the site is very important

grasp the content of the site is very important:

1, high quality content can form a good link bait chain

this is very clear, there are public friends all know when the results reproduced the original article and respect the copyright of the work of author, for example, the mainstream beauty car, playing the self from non mainstream era (, please retain the copyright information, according to the author of the declaration and transfer rules. Such a turn can form a bait chain that lasts. read more

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Local forum from the site to enhance popular experience sharing

since the DZ, phpwind, mobile and other forums program, the site is as simple as taking pictures with a fool camera. Forums are mushrooming. How to gather popularity, seize the user, than the opponent to achieve better search rankings, has become a forum every day webmaster concerns. With a webmaster to focus on the popularity of the operation of the forum, a large number of webmaster planning came out, and some people have entered the planning and operation of the ranks. But this is a minority, while the majority of owners especially the local forum webmaster is jianglangcaijin. Homogenization page design, content copied everywhere, full of vest users and overwhelming advertising, became the local forum webmaster heart. read more

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Guo Yeye analysis of some personal opinions in network marketing

has been learning network marketing methods, using the most is soft Wen promotion and website ranking network promotion form. The website has a good ranking on the search engine, and a small number of customers will come to visit it. I think the correct way to network marketing should be for different enterprises to develop different promotion strategies. Not all of the enterprises engaged in network marketing is suitable, "to have electronic commerce, electronic commerce, or no business can" in the "electronic commerce" does not necessarily mean fully on the Internet network marketing. read more

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Chinese Web2 0 orange red

    SNS is on fire again. Recently, on the one hand, to have won the National 863 project "intelligent information content analysis method of" massive "technical backbone of the company together with the network as the representative of SNS, there are a lot of start-ups have come out, even for the development of Chinese Kang Sheng innovation forum system launched directly and is very similar to Facebook the Chinese SNS station system -U Center; on the other hand, the major portals represented by Sina, a comprehensive SNS horizon — personal space in real time and reflect the personal page of the friend dynamic commands under, original the gateway of the blog, forum, the circle is the rapid integration, a strong interpersonal interaction system has scale. For a while, SNS seemed to be the darling of the industry. read more

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Meat beauty can do stand experience to content flow experience

today because of not go to the network, so I want to share more of their own two years of standing experience, the length of a bit long, but the article will be some novice friends need things. I’m sure I’ll be able to do something to keep reading this article. My article "please update the site as a kind of enjoyment" in an article, mentioned some links on me, interested friends can take a look, because I want to find some websites such as cooperative links, beauty station QQ station, welcome to my read more

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