Love Shanghai search function perfect step by step

local search for users is of great help, the value is not cheap. What is the local search? Personal view is that the search engine according to the different regions of the user to determine the display value of the search results page to show in front of the user feedback information. Of course, different areas here may be based on IP or some other factors. Local search function to strengthen, to bring users more quickly and more convenient to search for the user experience is a big step forward. read more

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The key point of website optimization novice to do local blog on the homepage of Shanghai Longfeng f

again, is considered the first before you ask questions, why should people help you? Who’s time is limited, some people question why people are willing to help, some people do not want to mention? Why are the group of irrigation more dry cargo less? We think? Want to understand, you can get master pointing.

1, hire IP, try to use big brands.

5, the chain and improve the quality of.

WP, the chain is in place, there are certain advantages to do local Shanghai dragon blog. But the key is a simple operation, very suitable for Shanghai dragon novice get started quickly, seize the opportunity, too much trouble we use the default template. Some students love with you hand, Jones is not recommended, because you set the template and the adjustment is quite difficult, easy to combat novice enthusiasm, causing the site to delay not line. read more

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ndustry Shanghai Longfeng Er face love Shanghai suck what to do 1

by A5 first, welcome to reprint, please keep the source address of

The first picture above

first, we want to publish our business information and open their own shops in the local famous website (like Taobao store), because the local famous website which has a lot of potential customers for many of you, as long as you can catch fish, this fish will Everfount into your mouth.

the time I have been in the flow of data on a studio, they found the website traffic is very interesting, Shanghai traffic is not love for their direct access to the site’s traffic. Maybe some people do not believe, but this is the truth, give you two photos: read more

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Nine Shanghai Dragon examples to explain the enterprise stand inside optimization

for robots.txt syntax rules. We can see the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide, general enterprise website robots.txt is quite simple, just need to write three points is enough, I like this station is written like this:

in accordance with the above mentioned, this is done to create a site map and robots, the two step is relatively simple, do not need to have what technical requirements.

, sitemap and robots.txt to establish a file

setting method of


keep the site each page title in Shanghai Longfeng are completely different is more important, but for the enterprise station, we all know that most design enterprise station is the entire page is divided into three parts: the head, tail, theme, web developers in order to save the head and tail alone the extraction with head files and foot files, then all of the pages are called the two documents, this is taboo in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. This will lead to the page title and description of all the same, will be determined to repeat the page, in this case we should put all of the pages are re set, to ensure a completely different page title. For example, the author of this article the station’s two page title is completely different: read more

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n our daily optimization details are easy to overlook

two: the optimization of the details you can’t ignore the 404 error page

: you cannot ignore the details of the 301 redirect

three: you can’t ignore the nofollow tags using

for the 404 error page, believe that this is for the webmaster is not familiar with the familiar, when our daily optimization will inevitably encounter delete data, site maintenance etc.. When the 404 error page will play the important role, not only can we tell people this is an error page by 404 error page, can also be through 404 error with search engine spiders show in front of the road barrier. Although this page is very easy to do, but we tend to ignore the details, especially when we set the error page back status codes, such as the time when 404 error page, because of his carelessness result in an error status code, error page to the search engine returns the status code should be 404, but the wrong use of the meta refresh, then you return a status code is 302, this status code is easy to misunderstand the search engine, the author of the site because of the small details of the search engine punishment. read more

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How to make the site keywords ranking tends to be stable

two does not change the stability factor and the stability of the station outside the station

In order to maintain the stability of equipment based keywords stable

two is not 24 hours of service must be used with caution, the hardware can not guarantee is not a problem, but the problem is to control is the key, a web site can not open within 24 hours but not in 48 hours is not open, otherwise your ranking only decreased.

why love Shanghai to recognize our website, which had said that the host and program site, host and program site is the hardware facilities, it can be said that any website can not be separated from these two factors, we can in the establishment of the content, the chain may have unstable phenomenon, but the host our website and program can not appear this kind of phenomenon, so we choose the host and program must do the following two points: read more

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How to redesign the site will not be right down


there is to avoid impulse revision is a common problem for many novice webmaster, revision should be based on the full analysis, careful study and non change can not be under the premise, to do traffic declined sharply after the revision of the psychological preparation, if you can’t afford to flow down losses at present, should consider other methods, such as construction of new station replace, so as not to fall.

we do know Shanghai dragon will be very easy to search engine drop right website; some stations are therefore reluctant to. read more

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Viewpoint Web site keywords ranking changes not due to external factors

1 page open speed website speed, this has been needless to say, Google made it clear that this is one of the factors that influence the website keywords ranking, but less attention to a friend. We may also feel that the earth people know, but the stability of the space you have to pay attention to, if the time you started to buy this space is good, but this will change, if the space velocity changes on your web site, this reduction may be ignored at home.

The scarcity of

4. content and value-added main manifestation of user comments and fine-tuning, such as when you’re just out of this page is no comment, but later these social elements of it, it will also promote the ranking. read more

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nfluence of medical website content construction of Shanghai Dragon

saw a lot of website content is very rough, repetitive content of many, but the chain do very well, in a very long period of time really good included and ranking, but with the increase of the web site included, the growth of the chain, slowly will appear included reducing, plucking, drop in traffic situation or, say, website content is not in place due to the influence of.

is medical website users to search information is to quickly find the need to know the knowledge, but most medical websites want to do is to guide the user to business and other places as soon as possible, to achieve their own transformation rate, after all, medical sites are not the pursuit of high flow rate and browse, but increase the speed of the user conversion the rate, therefore, the medical website is currently more crazy covers a lot of long tail keyword, and the quality of the do not satisfactory, most articles are just modify the end, and made the original re combined, may not start from the user experience. How to improve the uniqueness and the guiding thinking with experience, this is a problem. read more

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People talk about Taobao guest Wangzhuan directionStarting a business in Beijing Zhongguancun how m

second, now Taobao guest Wangzhuan people very much, and every day there are a lot of new entrants, so in this piece of competition is very intense, how can we in the fierce competition of the team to win is a key. The choice of goods is the most important, because the level of commission and the intensity of competition of a commodity determine whether you can succeed more easily.

why is Zhongguancun?

I contact Wangzhuan have been more than a year, beginning with a lot of new people, do free items, such as click, investigation, surfing and the like, because it is new, so not what experience, do not know how to do, is to see some of the figures back to station tutorial, slowly began to travel to make money online. However, there is not much harvest. The free items earn very little money. Some of them are offline, and there is no way out. Taobao later exposed to the guest, feel that they are right, income than free Wangzhuan is much better, so I decided to go to Taobao to do a guest website. Although only a few months only, but also have a certain understanding of Taobao, here to talk about some of the views of Taobao guest Wangzhuan direction, hoping to help. read more

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360 search copy love Shanghai again

The above picture is two

‘s search engine open high homogeneity, the search results basically the same, whether it is love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 is basically a search result, similar, ten shows the results of at least seven or eight is the same, even Google is no exception, though, said that Google is the world’s best a powerful search engine, but I believe that love is the most understand Shanghai Chinese, today I will not say anything else, say 360

  this one is 360

!Because most read more

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The couple must explain how to optimize the station


recommended and headlines here is different, and recommended headlines is not only a good article on the top, when you need to "focus on training" article, to this place, let the long-term stay in home in an important position, you can increase the number of weights for this article.

G: at the bottom of the page, usually said navigation can be placed in this place, you can put the column link, contact information and copyright notices are placed here, you can also put some keywords to strengthen, as shown in figure read more

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Shanghai dragon is a tool rather than a goal

贵族宝贝meimay贵族宝贝, please indicate the source. < >

, second, through the Search ask the question and answer method for directional flow, with love, know about Shanghai.

This paper comes from

when we adhere to the original every day, the chain every day, after hard to find keywords ranking do up, ranking disappear Not the least trace was found. overnight, so we began to get nervous, check, check the chain, check the chain, found no problem, not how long the website ranking back, then all sigh difficult to Shanghai dragon. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng chain should be in charge of the flow and content or surprise

Keywords The

Shanghai dragon can not leave the content. Content is king, the chain for the emperor is the Shanghai dragon made a commonplace talk of an old scholar, cannot do without the content is not included, no content, not included no ranking, it should be said that to solve the problem is one of the key content is, is the webmaster, to a certain extent to the chain is difficult. But a little misunderstanding is many webmaster, content is king is the original king. In fact, as a webmaster, ensure that each article site is pure > read more

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Tall on the lawyer website how to guide the flow increases the source

external links, such as web platform, QQ mail belong to external links. If you want to pass the inbound links to get traffic is very difficult, you need to send a large number of 1 and 2, these external links, external links all need before, 3, the chain has a lot of restrictions, often with the advertising information will be deleted. Big data era, the bursting of the information era, we need to consider the user, the chain can not sit, to do the chain is recommended value for users, accumulated more website is also able to obtain money flow. read more

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Talk about some webmaster for some misunderstanding of love Shanghai

2) in Shanghai to promote love but not renew, from love Shanghai in search results disappear

there are many webmaster think just improve the PR value of the site in the country, so in love in Shanghai website weight is also higher, in fact, this point is purely a groundless statement is a weight, love Shanghai love Shanghai standard consideration website, while the Google PR is a web page rank Google launched, they belong to two different search engines, a global maximum use of search engine, a is the world’s most Chinese use Chinese search engines, they are still hostile relations, in a program, there may be read more

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Rookie summary several doubts love Shanghai Google adjustment algorithm

actually knows Shanghai dragon website ranking is nothing more than the chain and content with the chain, whether there is a wide server stability, ranking off, how to find the problem? The author thinks that if it is before the website after the update ranking dropped, for example, is from the first off page to page third, the chain is basically a problem, because the Shanghai dragon is not a person you are doing, but a group of people do, the chain can not keep up, certainly also ranked behind, or is the site to stop the update, put back to the initial snapshot. Again, if it is the first page of the website ranking fell to the 200 page beyond what reason: in fact, this problem is really very simple, if the usual work is normal, so please wait a week, the ranking will certainly come back again. I also found a problem, a new keyword ranking, hovering between second and third pages, after an update, ranking no, wait a week, ranking rose to the first page, so, the webmaster in look at the decline of the situation suddenly must keep calm that is likely to be a good thing. read more

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Six major factors affecting the stability of the website ranking

fourth continues to provide quality content of the most important content in the Shanghai dragon forever, but also to the quality of the content, for example, users often come to your website. Just beginning to see is the quality of the content, but then you website content is more and more garbage.

third, the stability of the chain I see a lot of cheating in the site is also outside the chain, the chain also lost. You look at those sites with some software group, at the beginning of the rankings is very useful, but over a period of time the search engine will calculate these links slowly, it is easy to have this batch of quality links to calculate spam links. That is to say to you in front of the weight, the late will not give you the weight calculation, and may even be harmful to your site. Of course, there is also a case, each link is the life cycle. Especially some general weight links, especially easy to lose, if we can not timely repair back, it will do great harm to the ranking. read more

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Shanghai announced in April 25th about love on the chain judgment in my opinion

forum signature is in fact in a place not related to your site, it is also a kind of promotion, such as some small companies selling server, domain name, in the webmaster forum on signature to obtain a large number of customers, for the webmaster, selling server in the signature of promotion is very useful. That you love Shanghai by what logic to illustrate the effect of publicity work, but also said it is our person do? You understand, as long as the correlation right on the line, no need to kill a stick, not without weight or less weight, we do this with what relationship, for example a group of people in the valley, talk to each other when someone is not God, because this group of people born low, vulgar language and punish the person they discussed? < / P> read more

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Shanghai dragon Er skills necessary to carry out traffic statistical analysis work

of course we have to use professional flow analysis system, as a reference scale, it has a very practical value for the evaluation of the promotion effect. We can use the general flow statistics software record visitors is through what way into the website, for example through which search engine, Links or other sites, the system will record the source page, convenient management and view, which is more than a lot of data more valuable. At the same time for several search engines and provide information platform in the promotion enterprise, this function can provide a basis for assessing the persuasive. read more

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