Female white collar entrepreneurs need to overcome several major psychological obstacles

with the increasing expansion of entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial crowd also ushered in a diversified development, the growing number of female entrepreneurs, especially female white-collar workers. However, there are still a lot of differences in the process of female comrades in the process of entrepreneurship and gay men, female white-collar entrepreneurship psychological factors are very important. What are the psychological barriers of female white-collar workers to overcome? May wish to take a look at.

Influence of the traditional concept of

Edit this paragraph are the psychological weakness of female entrepreneurs, from the psychology research results, and demand about achievements vary, the key psychological male achievement is planning "competition", women’s motivation is "social acceptance", in addition to the traditional "men, women inside" the concept and physiological factors that make women in the business when the dependence, inferiority. Many women prefer to mothers, rather than female students in innovation and entrepreneurship, "well done, understanding the representative is inferior to marry well. Even if the successful entrepreneurs of the female entrepreneurs, still take the heavy family as my obligation.

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in a random sampling survey, 50.1% of women said, the basic thought of entrepreneurship, some of them satisfied with the status quo, do not want to change; some even take risks; some for leisure, afraid of hardship; some prefer to eat low, no matter play cards, rather than business. Entrepreneurship often needs to break through the existing order of life, bear certain risks, there must be a sacrifice of flesh. While women are affected by traditional ideas, lack of entrepreneurial desire and excitement, compared with men, they are more difficult to take the first step in entrepreneurship. In the survey, the willingness of women to have entrepreneurial intentions than men have 4.6 percentage points of entrepreneurial intentions, in the women’s most want to get entrepreneurial support, the failure to maintain the risk of occupying the first place. Usually, the female has the market information and sales channels than men, which makes them the overall lack of operational risk can be accepted, eager to go through a series of measures to ensure that the risk of business failure will be brought to a minimum.

white-collar female entrepreneurship will be the pressure of public opinion. Women entrepreneurs are often crowned with the stereotype of "strong women" or as "restless women."".