How to join the cat woman Chongqing small noodles

Chongqing is one of the origins of the food industry in Chongqing, one of the food items, the real face of the world will be pushed into the world in 2014, China’s large-scale food culture documentary, tongue 2 broadcast. Many people are attracted to is to taste the authentic taste of Chongqing small noodles. Now the food and beverage industry in Harbin quietly hot a delicacy – the cat’s Chongqing small noodles, just a few months time, Harbin small street there are many small shops or have been operating, or is being renovated, the understanding that facet originated in Chongqing, Chongqing in the high streets and back lanes everywhere, slope slope sill, one by one stand table, a few chairs built a gas stove, a cooking stove, the most simple decoration, can attract a large number of small followers. Whether it is in Western dress and leather shoes workers, white-collar workers or students, migrant workers, the people of every hue together, regardless of life, regardless of position, as is a bowl of cat’s Chongqing small noodles.

cat Chongqing how to join? What are the conditions?

cat Chongqing small join conditions:

1. is of confidence in the cause, is willing to actively join the cat cat Chongqing small join the cause of the units and individuals.

2. has a good business reputation, self-motivated, dedication and hard-working spirit.

3. cat Chongqing small investors and their families healthy, have passion and enthusiasm in this industry.

4. is willing to accept the management of cat Chongqing headquarters, to participate in a variety of unified training.

5. to provide a legal identity card so that cat Chongqing noodles join headquarters to establish a real file.

6. must be based on the requirements of the headquarters, the United States and the United States to suspend the Chongqing cat face signs.

cat Chongqing small join process:

project: the cat woman Chongqing small noodles franchisee to store experience, in the whole messages and other ways to understand the project status and headquarters to join policy.

customer classification: after the initial understanding of the project, the cat Chongqing small franchisee according to their investment conditions and intentions, reference to the company’s recommended area, the local market, the selected business premises.

negotiate: a preliminary understanding of the cat’s Chongqing small noodles to join the project, according to its own conditions and the intention to visit the company, but the specific circumstances, the specific matters about joining.

signed cooperation: store location to meet the requirements of the company, the cat and the Chongqing side of the franchisee to enter the investment Commissioner