Explore the secret behind the success of the nternet thinking

now almost everyone is thinking of the Internet thinking, which is not only thinking, but a successful business model, put the Buddha who used the Internet thinking,  , who will be able to succeed. So the Internet thinking is how successful? Today, we take a look at the secret behind the success of the Internet thinking.

a secret: the ultimate quality in where?

Of course I can

, not Wang Ziru, not more numerous goods meal officer, do not judge the Internet thinking of the ultimate product quality, and is also eaten, did not feel how good, but did not think how nutrition, for fun or feelings, really not as good as J in the Cang teacher ah. As for those, some not, some dare to use a public occasion, up, take pictures, like Ms. Dong Mingzhu at the CCTV arena to do the experiment, do not dare to raise their hands.