Entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship contest is hot start

there are a lot of young entrepreneurs have become the main force of the whole society, the business at the same time, there are a lot of city in order to attract young entrepreneurs to actively participate in some entrepreneurial activities, have organized a number of business competition.

"public record for future   a dream in Shunde" – Shunde Daliang youth hit off exchange activities and business is the youth entrepreneurship contest Southern China division (Shunde) challenge came to an end today, 10 entrepreneurial teams and enterprises and share the grand prize, a bonus of 100 thousand yuan, ranked the top 30 projects into the country the top 200 finals.

The final

the contest by Chinese Youth Daily · youth online, Tsinghua Holdings Limited, Guangdong provincial Party committee, Shunde District People’s government, the Shunde District Daliang street, green debridement and technology services (Beijing) co.. During the competition, the organizers also arranged Shunde innovation and entrepreneurship policy, creating a large lecture hall, a passenger sharing and other activities of the rich, the organizers hope that through the support of the national youth entrepreneurship and innovation and create entrepreneurial role model and idol, spread positive energy, for the whole society to support public Entrepreneurship, innovation and creating a positive atmosphere of public opinion.

"through this contest, my project has not only been the judges recognized, also received many pertinent comments, let me know the execution team is the core competitiveness of the project." Contestant Cai Sanrui said.

"this game project variety, high quality, strong innovation, close to life, realize the great possibility of landing." Associate professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the number of incubators Zhang Zhigang said. Li Yan, director of Hong Thai fund senior investment manager and brand public relations said that the contestants can give full play to the divergent thinking of young people strong, closely combined with the "Internet plus", to determine the basic trend in the same industry entrepreneurial projects, reflecting the high entrepreneurial potential. Organizers said the integration of social resources through the contest, so that the subsequent help normalization, will be the direction of future efforts of the organizers.

"entrepreneurship is recommended