Fast food industry

a homeless man can also be a millionaire by his own hands. For Feng Zhijiu, the fast food restaurant not only allow yourself to eat, but also to become a rich man, this is a how inspirational story!


and a cross in his heart, rent a house for the kitchen every day at noon and evening meals to take up two barrels, wandering the crowd to sell, the day can earn 30 yuan, he quickly gather 37000 yuan of funds, on the Guangzhou side of the Whampoa  Avenue rented a 5 square shop do a license, the firecrackers put, fast-food restaurant opened.

so, every customer at least more than and 500 people, up to more than 1 thousand people. The secret of his earning is small profits and quick turnover. Every 1 yuan of food is actually not earn the head, but the intention is good, you can earn a few cents, if you can sell a day of 1000 copies, you can earn $300 a month is $9000. A homeless man became so skilled in business. A few years later, Feng Zhijiu has a net worth of millions of dollars, until now his fast food is still 1 yuan price. He said that "1 yuan of money".