Department of milk tea shop

said you would think of Western tea tea, in fact, has been for thousands of years in Chinese, is a product of our nomadic life, spread all over the world since the Yuan Dynasty, now in the Greater China region, Central Asian countries, India, Arabia, Britain, Malaysia, there are different kinds of tea popular in Singapore area. Is also a popular product, the company as the industry’s well-known brands, large department of milk tea shop is good?

department store tea shop?

division of milk tea join advantages:

1. the price advantage, the typical small businesses because its quantity is limited, can not enjoy the wholesale trading discount in our franchise plan, all by our tea franchisees procurement requirements are combined together, the overall enjoyed stronger purchasing power, may require more preferential trade discount.

2. brand, discerning you, through the franchise by our tea, you can enjoy a high brand, has a higher chance of success; by our distinctive brand image, good reputation, now after nearly three years of operation, Dakasi caused great repercussions and sensation in the society in the youth, and become well-known brands as everyone knows.

3. product advantages, unique varieties of products by our tea is to attract the customer premise, the biggest selling point is the takeaway, by our dessert beverage store with its unique product won the praise and trust of customers. Selected by the company’s R & D department formula, constantly adjust the taste, in order to bring the best, most fresh products to the hands of consumers, and strive to give the company a greater competition in the market.

4. profit advantage, profit is the basic condition to ensure the profit of franchisees, joined the company’s dessert dessert beverage shop investment, low cost, high profit, high income, is the basic guarantee for franchisees to join the division. Whether it can profit, whether there is risk".

The advantages of

5. management, adhering to the international tea tea by our advanced business philosophy, by virtue of its strong management advantages, with different size by our chain stores in Chinese firmly stand in the small and large city.

company can join the following support:

1. kcal milk tea shop to provide a full range of shops, guidance, operational capacity.

2. kcal milk tea regional market investment cooperation policy support.

3. company’s national network system support.

4. big milk tea