Entrepreneurship to make the poor money

the world’s rich businessmen can have a few, the real wealth is in the hands of everyone, the average person to give you a penny, you will become the second Bill Gates, the key to how to make the rich money?

"to provide products and services for the poor, can save the world and create wealth."


"at the bottom of the Pyramid" is one of the largest market.

50 million poor, with 14 trillion purchasing power, higher than Germany, Britain, Italy, France and Japan, the total sum of purchasing power. Statistically, the market is young but growing at a rate of 6% a year or more. From a purely business point of view, where you have the opportunity to develop. Most of the poor there are few quality living conditions: clean water, clean energy, user-friendly products, lights, etc., they need everything.


second hypothesis is the poor do not accept new technology, can prove the contrary. In the village of India, women can be seen on the phone while doing small business. These people accept new technology much faster than us.