Korean restaurant investment experience of these four steps

is now the world future toward what direction, who do not know, but many people predict the future, Luo fat "2016 time friend" New Year speech said the black swan remember though is not very clear, but one thing I remember very well is after we fight is content, no brushes how dare the social mix. This can be extended to all aspects of life, such as the development of the food and beverage industry.

with the improvement of people’s spending power, as well as a lot of people’s consumption concept of change, the quality of life has become more demanding. Traditional food and beverage can not meet people’s needs, in order to get a place in the food and beverage market, the key is the key to success. Korean cuisine with unique taste to attract consumers, after entering Chinese, in a short period of time to attract consumers, but also get investors’ attention, a Korean restaurant open boom, many investors have joined the Korean restaurant. So, what do you need to join the Korean restaurant?.

Korean restaurant investment needs to go through these four steps

first, break through the barriers to competition

once you make money, someone will copy, because the market is open. So, this store is very easy to meet the competitor. At this time, whether it is easy to imitate others, whether it can continue to operate, became the second channel hom". When a store is successful, many operators love through price increases to obtain higher returns, but did not consider to get more market share through the store expansion, resulting in the tourist community store is not stable, unable to form an effective repeat, not to mention the usual. Because, repeat customers and frequent customers or effective means to deal with competitors. Studies have shown that the cost of attracting a new customer is 5 times greater than that of an old customer, and the value of an old customer is much higher than that of a new customer.

two, breaking the cognitive barrier

this is the first "bank", is the key to the survival of a single store. It depends on the store can quickly establish reputation, can earn popularity, more important is to earn money. To this end, as far as possible to allow potential consumers to try, and let more consumers become repeat customers, it becomes the key to break the cognitive barrier. Think that year, McDonald’s in the reform, in order to expand the visibility, by reducing the price of French fries, hamburgers, in one fell swoop after the reform of the visibility; shaping the economic, affordable and fast image.

three, the implementation of regional expansion

when the expansion from a single store, generally will be the first choice of the surrounding area, in order to reduce the operation.