Romantic snow barbecue buffet all of which support to join

diversified catering business management has been widely praised by consumers, this is a very good use of the brand we all like the barbecue. The barbecue is a lot of people are more love the delicacy, which is the composite business shop barbecue the number of products in the style of romantic snow barbecue buffet has become diversified, unique characteristics, for the majority of investors is absolutely not to be missed with the barbecue industry brand alliance project. The taste is very unique, and we all have become a good choice of the project. How much do you charge for the romantic barbecue buffet?

How much do you need to join the romantic barbecue buffet

? What support can be obtained?

romantic snow barbecue buffet has the advantages of simple operation, produced with fewer people, fast, rich variety of products, 1-2 can operate, the investment of several thousand dollars, a few stalls stalls top benefits, join the brand is a good choice.

to join the brand can enjoy the following support:

1, assist in site selection and assessment: to assist the franchisee to carry out field visits to seek to assess the feasibility of shop, shop. Through the region, business district, customer survey to provide turnover estimates, operating profit and loss estimates and other information for the franchisee reference.

2, regional protection:

company will strictly control the number and quality of franchisee and franchisee, and establish a complete price control system and policy;

3, human resources support:

shop before, provide personnel recruitment, personnel system and other reference materials to help franchisees recruit new staff. Provide HR support and guidance during the opening period.

4, unified image and decoration:

in order to ensure a unified brand image, shop shop image design, unified by the company headquarters professional designers; store renovation by the construction project team headquarters audit qualified, headquarters sent guidance and supervision, the franchisee is responsible for supervision.

5, continuous coaching and training:

stores opened before the headquarters for the franchisee, the operating team for business philosophy, store management and product knowledge to provide the appropriate courses.

after the opening by the headquarters sent supervision in the shop, the shop opened to guide each month; new products offer corresponding product training courses; at the same time, to strengthen the professional exchanges between franchisees, the franchisee headquarters regularly held a conference.