Entrepreneurs need to avoid the five think

business development tide surging, in China to create a hitherto unknown double wave. This wave of countless people heart, can not wait to join the innovation and entrepreneurship, to create their own cause.

environment, is not everyone can start? In the light of Shenzhen founder Huang Yuanhao Obi company believes that the process of entrepreneurship is the process of the implementation of the new life experience, the most need is the courage.

second words ", when we cannot help feeling rather embarrassed to set up the company", we must make it clear that the distribution of equity clear, even on the page, a lot of startups painstakingly bigger, but because the founder did not talk about the distribution of interests and fall apart.

third word is "opinionated", many people have a very good product ideas, but do product, must go to understand the customer, understand the market, what is clear from engineers product requirements, what is the technical requirements of an engineer, what is the functional requirements of the leadership, and what is pricing, market positioning, to go out and do more comprehensive research, not behind closed doors.

Fourth words ", many college students in the graduation for gospel truth" when undertaking, and not too mature experience to the operation of the enterprise, which requires entrepreneurs must put a low profile, more consultation, more learning, more advice, otherwise there may be in a wrong direction farther; the last word is "unsustainable", also is the cash flow must not be broken, a few hundred billion enterprise assets, cash flow is likely due to fracture, overnight collapse.