Denounced the number of girls were threatened not to take her mother to see a doctor

days ago, a girl at the hospital No. traffickers "video on scalpers once again aroused public antipathy, recently there is news that the girl was denounced traders many people did not dare to take her to the threat, the original hospital.

25, a section called "the girl at the hospital No. traffickers" video online heat transfer, video girl accused Hospital No. traffickers "rampant", and questioned the hospital security check dealer be careless with lead ourselves and other ordinary people, not on the row number. 26, 2009, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted the girl, reducing the event of the day.

video, wearing a white jacket with a girl crying accused the hospital security "is not", regardless of the number of dealers is rampant, and their "long time team is not linked to the": "a 300 dollars, they gave me 4500 (yuan), people see ill hang a number so hard, hospital registration person, Liyingwaihe scalper."

"we can in the morning on the day, don’t hang on. You ticket traffickers, even if you stand here to earn money, stand cold also line. You are a matter of ticket dealers, and finally about to sign up to more than and 10 people to the station, what are you? Why are you so rampant?" The girl at the registration window position shouted, and constantly questioned said "scalpers arrange queue, security arrangements queue, ticket brokers themselves are arranged in front, behind the old people did not dare say a word."

1 26 early morning, Beiqing Bao reporter came to the incident Guang’anmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, dressed in volunteer clothing, the guide told reporters that they saw the matter, the incident occurred at around 19 am on the morning of 7".

in the hospital security department, security officers to BYD reporters about the day after the incident. The day of the 19 day in the registration hall on duty security introduction: the day of the hospital to hang the number of doctors, Zhou is a gastrointestinal expert, one day to see 10 patients."