China type wine story Wan Hang wine rum

Chinese has been the wine country, all kinds of wine brands want to blaze a superb collection of beautiful things, from a Qingyun thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers of the road is not easy. Wan Hang wine using innovative idea, create new styles, combined with the new Chinese popular on the Western Wine preference, to create a China rum brand characteristics.

first China features rum    

is more in line with the country’s population

with dark spirits appear strong growth in the global market, began to challenge the rum whiskey status, has become the world’s fastest growing major market liquor varieties in China, rum consumer market is growing at an average annual rate of 15%. At present, the world’s rum production is mainly using molasses and Sugar cane juice, wine Wan Hang on the people love the rum survey after comparing, in litchi, sugarcane as raw materials, first with a sense of the country’s population of litchi rum.

all use "litchi rum national geographical indications protection products" Lingshan litchi as raw material, the use of wooden barrel aging, and more often year storage more fragrant taste of Shen Chun, reliable, pure taste, the price close to the people, not only has China characteristics, but also more in line with the Chinese people’s taste demand.

The wine has made