ce cream ten brands list the whole

regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, ice cream is now a lot of people are very fond of a dessert. Of course, because of the needs of the market, thus the birth of a lot of brands. So, which brand is good? Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand the ten major brands of ice cream list, which can choose to make their own really satisfied with the big brands of ice cream.

ice cream ten brands list NO.1, Haagen Dazs:

is the Haagen Dazs ice cream brand in the United States in 1961 in New York, Bronx named and listed, it also set up a chain of ice cream stores, sell their brands in the world of ice cream, high quality, excellent flavor of ice cream products, let people enjoy the real taste of high-quality ice cream, in China had already become a top ice cream brand.

ice cream ten brands list NO.2, wall’s:


is a famous British brand ice cream, belonging to Unilever’s brands, with many branches in the world, called "wall’s" in the China production of ice cream brands, Unilever ice cream production has a long history, is the world’s largest producer of ice cream. Wall’s tradition, is the continuous innovation and improvement.

ice cream ten brands list NO.3, Nestle:

Nestle is the world’s largest ice cream company, with a variety of tastes, and every year continuously taste and variety, different nuts and chocolate to make ice cream, Nestle widely welcomed, Nestle to create a global fashion and have local flavor products, surprise and pleasure for Chinese consumers.

ice cream ten brands list NO.4, Ice Queen:

is the world’s ice and snow queen fast-food chain enterprises, according to the statistics of 2006 snow queen has more than 5600 stores and more than and 10 countries all over the world, the snow queen is now one of the soft ice cream experts and the global fast-food chain giant world sales volume first, ice cream market in consecutive years ranked first in the world.

ice cream ten brands list NO.5, Erie:

Yili ice cream brand belongs to Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd products, the company is one of the national dairy industry leading enterprises, more than and 600 varieties of 39 categories of products through the national green food development center of the green food certification, Yili ice cream was selected in the world record association of ice cream production and sales China the ten consecutive annual sales ranked first in the country.