Creative business needs to find the five mountains scattered people restaurant dream

now, food safety is a topic of concern to the people of the world, can eat healthy food, become the pursuit of everyone. A group of people gathered through the virtual world, just to be able to eat at ease, peace of mind food, but the results have become a real restaurant, even in the near future will become a chain restaurant.
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this is well-known Internet speculators scattered five mountains launched commercial projects, the micro-blog explanation is " for one hundred shareholders, invested 5000 yuan per person, to open a restaurant in Beijing, the supply of no pollution, organic ingredients cooking ". A first tentative micro-blog from September 12th, to September 15th at noon: our restaurant "" " business plan", to the 19:22 "   announced the five mountains scattered people;; the early termination of the five thousand yuan shares’ our restaurant ‘plan ", because "; the number of applicants has exceeded the most optimistic estimate I. There have been one thousand people ". Finally, 1276 people said to " that shares our restaurant; ", the number for the five mountains scattered people quite shocked " ".

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