Gift network marketing can better break through the market predicament

gift network marketing this means to break through the predicament of the market better help gift company enterprise, also can give more help to small gift company brand out of the regional market, to achieve the same consumers more intimate contact, but due to the incomplete implementation of the strategy, is not complete, lack of creativity, and the combination of no fight gift companies can get from the benefits of network marketing is very limited. />

produced in late 80s and early 90s of last century, which is small commodity form directly from the period of planned economy to market economy in transition period outside the system of production and circulation industry in the. The characteristics of defect production and circulation system of the planned economy era products with the fragmentation of the hand, production by the government departments and regions departments at all levels of decision-making, enterprises lack of autonomy and vitality in the business management, all kinds of commodities and commodity supply is very short; on the other hand, the production of products manufactured by enterprises into the the control of the government business sector "one station, two stations……" The hierarchical distribution system makes it more difficult for the government and the commercial sector to control the market demand. So, when the emergence of social organizations and people in need of gifts brought by reform and opening up economic development, a large number of gift company from fortune, slowly embarked on the development and expansion of the road, 30 years of reform and opening up, let the gift market in all walks of life flying speed in advance.