Do not need to invest can start to see how people do

how can we not spend a penny to start a business? I believe that this is a lot of friends do not venture capital will often think about the problem. So, really do not have money to do poineering work? Is it possible to have a white wolf? Below, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the 8 zero cost entrepreneurial story, are real cases, hoping to bring everyone together entrepreneurial enlightenment.

1. do not spend a penny, copying other people’s projects to make money.

there is a guy in Henan, in a supermarket at the entrance to see someone built a simple table in the selling group Mobile Recharge Card, this card is to buy 100 yuan to send 100 yuan, the phone is very cheap, but this prepaid card money, only call, can not send text messages. But also very attractive to consumers.

caused a lot of people watching, ten minutes to sell 5 tickets. The young man saw the man selling so fast, while others are not busy, in the past to inquire about. Because the mall there is another exit, if the card is money, can take a table to sell an outlet in another. After asking that the people who buy the card is also from the owner of the wholesale, each sold a card can earn 8 yuan, when the flow of people, the next hour to sell 30, you can earn $1 an hour 240.


This is the essence of

2. borrow shop people goods, for their own money.