Brief introduction of 5 small excellent entrepreneurship projects in 2013


2013 time has come to March, even the lunar new year, also immediately faced with the arrival of February, if you want to start, this time is undoubtedly should make a choice, the following Xiaobian to introduce 5 best projects in small business!

2013 5 of the outstanding entrepreneurial projects: one of the manual cloth products. Folk arts and crafts made of pure cotton cloth, after more than a dozen process, was the Qing Dynasty imperial tribute.

2013 5 small outstanding entrepreneurial projects of the two: USB massager. The product uses the computer case power supply USB port USB interface power supply, can massage the neck, shoulder, wrist, head, knee and other joints massage, can relieve the body muscles fatigue.

2013 5 small outstanding entrepreneurial projects of the three: USB mini vacuum cleaner. Upfront investment of 3 thousand yuan, the first purchase of 200, the sale price of $15 each, it is recommended that the market price of more than $32 each, the sale of 200 yuan of gross profit of $3400.

2013 5 small outstanding entrepreneurial projects of the four: fine soil. Products in the UK market has many years of practice in the use of the process, in the domestic market without similar products, to fill the gaps in the market. Products have been approved by the Ministry of agriculture fertilizer registration committee, a high degree of technical maturity.

2013 5 small outstanding entrepreneurial projects of the five: dust eraser. The product is suitable for all kinds of schools, troops, enterprises and institutions, can wipe the metal blackboard, glass blackboard, cement board and wooden blackboard and other light plane. At present, the products are sold in Beijing, Sichuan, Hebei, Hubei and other places. In Hebei, a distribution point, for example, the monthly sales of 2000-5000.

first from the creative point of view, these projects will undoubtedly meet the conditions, if you want to make the investment, which will be your best choice. The market is infinite, investment is very small, how can this kind of business opportunity miss?