How to improve the store operating profit

business shop is to get a good income, there are now many novice to the ranks of business investment, for them, it is clear how to improve store profit is not, if you want you can know more skills, can look at, small finishing suggestions, I hope to help you.

the first point to increase traffic

Upgrade into the store

upgrade into the store, not only through the door window color design, Chen Lielai improved, more factors can not be ignored in store atmosphere, staff image. People with herd mentality, the store staff activities must be to show the thermal field and activities, never stand. Standing posture, standing, grooming and so on will affect the rate of admission.

Increase the turnover rate of

fourth points to enhance customer price

To further strengthen the joint

fifth key points for improving customer retention rates

the service quality directly affects customer retention rates, strengthen the clerk and the customer communication skills, and ability to customers and friends. In order to improve customer turnover.

sixth points to enhance customer referral

this need to the staff for training, and with the marketing strategy.

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