Pitaya women’s entrepreneurship and eventually became a difficult step by step

in the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, many of them women off the record figure, by virtue of their amazing perseverance and industriousness and stamina spirit, finally embarked on the poverty of the stage, become the heroine with a great reputation.

is the front of the pruning woman is Zhao Peiyu, 2001, Zhao Peiyu quit her job, and Mr. Lin Enze planted 2 acres of dragon fruit in Zhangpeng village. Don’t look at her now skilled, 10 years ago, just contact pitaya she often branch thorn.


is such a step by step to the hard way, the dragon from 2 acres of orchard development to 85 acres now, when the peak of the orchard business can even use "hot" to describe. But Zhao Peiyu said, it is not easy to keep pace with the times but also business.