Shop looking for sources of experience sharing four

a lot of novice sellers Taobao, after the shop up, the biggest problem is the problem of supply problems, and friends today to share some of their views on the source, only friends.

1, novice shop treat supply, not too anxious, must seriously study, market research, but also to carry out the analysis on the quality of the product and the market, see is not suitable for long-term development, to find their own, do not want to die the other end.

2, treat yourself to some resources for friends, first look at they are not interested, then do plan, you can see the products do, another is to develop its peripheral products, do not hang in a tree.

The purchase of

3, from Ali, before I have a little something from Ali on wholesale, the quality can be, but some are not accounted for what price advantage, all from the Internet to order goods than the three, the first Taobao controls the market, at the same quality of similar products, others sell what price, if you sell yourself your price is not dominant.

4, the first generation delivery network, suggestions to understand the products quality, service, customer service, support of the agent and so on, do not do this for profit, because after all, this is not a long-term solution.

basically supply on the four point, as for how to find, how do these are need to practice, do not figure convenient, with the supply, the most important thing is to know how to get their goods more people know, but also to understand the network marketing.


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