Hubei to support 602 college students venture

is now around for college students entrepreneurship policies given are very loose, recently, in Hubei province for the introduction of the 602 construction project to promote entrepreneurship, some college students are local entrepreneurial activities.

8 18, the reporter was informed that the Hubei Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs, the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of education, the Provincial Department of Finance in 2015 to continue to implement the Hubei college students entrepreneurship support program". Currently, the selection of the 602 projects are being publicized.

after the item collection, joint examination, expert assessment and other aspects, the preferred 602 projects selected from 1180 projects, from August 18th to August 26th, by the Hubei Provincial Department of human resources and social security network, the Education Department of Hubei province government network, the Communist Youth League Hubei net, Hubei youth entrepreneurship network publicity to the community. During the period, such as to support the project, the opposition can be assigned to the provincial youth employment promotion center.

in the 602 projects, 10 of funds to support more than 100 thousand yuan (including 100 thousand yuan) of the project, in mid September will be held by Hubei TV third "venture in Hubei" entrepreneurial contest, the scene to determine the amount of aid. Contest site will also introduce venture capital, venture capital investment projects.

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