Open jewelry store store choice in the end is difficult

jewelry sales is a very lucrative business, attracted many people to participate in investment to shop, but the shop before the store choice is crucial, how to find a good jewelry shop store? Choose jewelry store storefront in the end is difficult?

to open his own attention including what? A shop business success, market investigation and site assessment, occupied a very important position. Make money or not with the site is involved in super deep. Note the location of their own shop in the first row. Good feng shui, then everything is booming, the location is poor, a serious cause of put up the shutters.   I do not know if you have a clear understanding of their own shop, the following Xiaobian on a jewelry store location as an example to talk about how to solve the problem with the site


note: the money to open his own shop

note: to open his own shop location where

The most suitable area is 20 square