Children’s hair salon business opportunities

do not think that only people love to constantly change your hairstyle, create a beautiful or handsome or the other, in fact, the children are very focused on the image, however, because the outside world is not, once to a variety of hair salon, children crying, so a professional children’s hair. It is very important.

Site selection of

and baby size match very small, small cloth, a fine toothed comb Mini Mini scissors and so on, fader for children hairdressing tool, suitable for baby and children’s head body shampoo pool and children’s special shampoo and towel disinfection disinfection cabinet, etc..

The work area layout

in real hair, a large mirror and hairdressing box "Tibet" in the middle of cabinet color, let TV, DVD and become the main". There is no regular hair chair, like the extension of the game room.

Auxiliary toys


Analysis of

the price may be slightly higher than the local adult hairdressing service charges. In addition to the children to take care of the hair, but also can operate children’s intellectual products and toys. Here is not only the children to find their ideal place of service, on the side of the house