To open a tea shop all business expenses

for investment to join, investors are most concerned about is the cost of the problem, of course, that is, investment funds, take the most popular winter milk tea investment in small projects. Tea is now in the city people’s life necessities, people will be more and more need for tea, will have a larger market, so more and more people have begun to open the different size of the tea shop, then open a tea shop need to how much money? The following small for everyone to analyze.

open a tea shop expense introduction

fixed monthly expenditures are as follows:

rent: (I do not know the price of the mobile room, rent a small house or how much money)

refrigerator: (price between 1000-1500, new, second-hand probably less than 800) seal machine: (recommended to choose a new not expensive about 200 yuan, more than the secondary problem)

insulation bucket: (with heating function of about 300 yuan, used to make hot tea in winter)

induction cooker: (price can be used within 200 can not be used to cook the Pearl,) water dispenser: (the price can be used around 200 can not be used, there is no use) second,

material prices are as follows:

cream: a 400 yuan 25 kg, also can buy a package of 1 kg more than 16 yuan.

powder or juice powder: 15 yuan a kilogram, the juice is unknown.

black tea bag: it is recommended to use more than 10 yuan.

pearl or coconut: the price of 5-10 yuan a pack. A tin of coconut price is unknown, use cost almost. Plastic cup: different specifications have a 1000-1250 cup, each cup about 0.08-0.12 yuan.

sealing film: 40-60 yuan or so straw: a pack of 80, 5-8 yuan a pack.

in the end, no matter where you open the shop procedures are necessary (except for the exception of households), the order is: health certificate – health license – business license – tax registration certificate. At the same time is also a certain amount of liquidity in the hands of.

after the above analysis believe that we open a tea shop expenses for this problem is very clear, although the cost is not very high, but need to prepare the money is also a lot of!