Unable to register the name string of toilet snacks

talk about toilet strings, although the name is indecent, but loyal diners have a lot, but also can be regarded as a very delicious Chengdu snacks. However, in China such a legal society, want to get public recognition, want to obtain legal permission, naturally need to register. There have been rumors, toilet string such a name although attractive, but it can not register. Then, the toilet string name snacks can not be registered?

with "flies restaurant", "toilet string of Chengdu has become the hearts of a chowhound name indecent, a gilded signboard, taste bar fitness. The first "toilet" can not be verified, but it should be open next to the toilet right. However, with this folk brand popular, more and more is not open in the toilet next to the toilet string has spread all over Chengdu. Large and small ten; the name of the same taste quality is different, which makes people confused and troubled shopkeepers chowhound.

recently, Netizens found in 100 Ji Lu "toilet string name. Originally, because of indecent words, "toilet string" this name has not registered in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. I also want to expand, join, transformation, a brand!" Want to venture boss Yuan Weimin finally unbearable.

"toilet string" to rename." Recently, the netizen bug -Fairy in Sina micro-blog on the map, causing toilet powder concern. Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of Tianfuzaobao "toilet string", finally found the shop at 100 Ji Road No. 27.

saw the new sign "Xiang Ba tou string" side, also feel the "original toilet string" small signs. Like the same name as the other counterparts, this shop is not big, hot business, often put the table to the side of the road, or a lot of people waiting in line." The clerk said proudly.

this store is not the original toilet string". Boss Yuan Weimin said: "the old North Shuncheng Street Chen, my cousin and boss Chen was together selling string of old friends, shop when he used that name." He also said that their business is good with the name of "after all signs started."

‘s own taste on a large number of repeat customers, the boss began to plan the future: Yuan shop to join, expansion, transformation, brand…… However, because the name "toilet" two words can not be registered in Industrial and Commercial Bureau. All the shops called ‘toilet strings’ are not registered." Graduate, the boss decided to change the name, ready for business. At the end of the month, he officially registered the name "Xiang Ba tou", "there is no other meaning, just because I am Xiang Ba tou people."

, boss decided to change the name, there is another important reason: the use of "toilet" sign of the store, is more and more rampant. "They were also caught."