Need to pay attention to some of the principles of Network Entrepreneurship

now the entire network business can be said to be varied, there are also many different business model, which is not very fixed form of entrepreneurship, so in the online business what although there is no fixed pattern, but still need to pay attention to certain principles of entrepreneurship.

money must follow the laws of the market, making money online is just a means of making money and method, also must focus on market rules.

+ + who need things to sell = money.

why would "sell" in front of "things"? Many people have their own things to sell, just do not know to sell, and these people are suffering every day to find more sources of income! "Take it forgranted", this is another solution of this verse.

Aodong here to break the traditional concept of you, yourself into a businessman. You have to tell yourself that you are a businessman, and that you are responsible for your business as a businessman. Always remind yourself that you need to find a good thing and sell it to someone in need.

you will say, I have to sell things, but where to find people in need? So far, only the construction site, push the site is the most reliable. At the same time need to bear in mind that the site is just a tool, the past is now, the future is always. On the other hand, a lot of people on the promotion of Lu Songsong’s comments can not do it, it is not that you can not do, but you do not have to do, or simply do not bother to do it on the basis of the promotion of the state of the world. Website promotion is difficult to build a common problem, in addition to burn money does not have a good way to get instant results. But you can ask yourself, which we have to promote the behavior or means to do it? Very few……

The highest

and do not specialize in technology, will be the construction site to the network to make money, but too many talented people do not know or do not need to put too much energy on the network caused only a few successful people to lead the webmaster in to make money online.

There are people, people outside the