Shop name also need to consider advertising law

now many shopkeepers in time to shop name is completely from our own perspective, while ignoring the advertising law, resulting in the shop only to find big name loud violated the law by rectification, this for the development of the shop will undoubtedly have a very big blow. Therefore, the name of the shop also need to consider advertising law.

in Chongqing Jiulongpo Yangjiaping Tuanjie Road, a small shop signs emblazoned with the words "small company" four words. Is this a company that specializes in small parts? When the meal, to eat a lot of noodles. "I’ve been in this shop for 4 years." The owner, "I have had two names: the traditional levain, honest face Zhuang, but do not feel satisfied, no characteristics, so it played a small company in the shop name, I think this name noodle country only this one, is unique, and seem overbearing."

reporter saw the license to say, any army food store, Ren Jian explained: my father called Ren Jun. I am the shopkeeper, responsible for the operation and management of the store, the person in charge is the father. This name is not a small company overbearing." Ren Jian introduction, the shop is open 24 hours per day on average, 500-600 can sell noodles. In fact, I have always had an idea, want to register a small company into a trademark, so as to expand the influence, but do not know how to register."

coincidentally, in the Yuzhong District of Chaotianmen, the reporter saw a sign on a hot pot shop, the first old hot pot". The store staff to the owner refused to interview, and refused to disclose the owner’s contact information.

facet company can register a trademark? Big shop signs can not be desirable? City officials said: Industrial and Commercial Bureau small company and the first of the two old Hot pot, the name is not desirable, "not only the registered trademark, not even as the name on the sign."

"the name of the first old hot pot is too absolute, why do you say that you are the first? What proof that other hot pot is inferior to you? So the name must not work." Jiulongpo Industrial and Commercial Bureau related staff told reporters that the name "small company. As self-employed households, not the company, why is he a company? These two names are in violation of advertising law."

"these two stores in the name of the owner, we certainly did not consult us. Proposed operators in the name of their own shop to consult the trade and Industry Bureau, you can avoid this happening." The staff said.

so, in order to allow shops to obtain long-term development, from the beginning to the shop name we need to be treated with caution, so that it can get a more appropriate name. Therefore, the name of the shop also need to consider advertising law oh.