Reminder service can make money

at the appropriate time to remind people of one thing, they can get a return, you can also become an opportunity for investors to get rich, think it is incredible? In the current investment in the big market, to remind the service to make money? Don’t be suspicious. Let’s get to know each other.

remember one day in June 2006, I happened to see a report on the Internet, said to be a girl working in Guangzhou, dedicated to the life of individuals and businesses to provide warm service and business remind remind, every month can earn more than 4 thousand.

at that time, my monthly salary was only more than 1 thousand. In order to change the embarrassing situation of life, I look for a small cost of entrepreneurial projects. See this warm reminder service, my eyes lit up, think this idea is very good, and almost zero cost, you can try.

I searched the relevant information on the Internet service, found that many people affected by the Guangzhou girls, many cities in the country have the same reminder service. I copy, copy the promotional materials, slightly modified, the publicity materials issued to my Sina blog, my Sina blog named "Shenzhen reminder service studio".


Studio provides: friends birthday reminder; anniversary reminder; appointment reminders; special days remind; various other special dates remind; business partners agreed to remind; an important business meeting reminder; daily wake-up service; bring their children to school / school remind; electric water reminders; telephone reminders enterprise business license; inspection; tax registration reminder; corporate tax remind; catering units hygiene license and health permit limited; the qualification certificate of limited code certificate; limited; etc..

I thought at the time, the need for these services and enterprises, such a busy metropolis in Shenzhen, should be a lot of it.

until now I also think that such a reminder service is definitely a big market. But at the time of 2006, I had a fatal flaw: I wouldn’t do it.

service is a good service, but no matter how good the service needs to be promoted. Although I am engaged in the sale of work, but to be honest, I was the ability to sell is relatively poor, in addition to telemarketing, unfamiliar worship a little marketing experience, others do not understand. At that time, I didn’t even have my own personal computer, so I never had any concept of "network promotion".

for me, the so-called reminder service, but I whim to never try to rack their brains to do.

my so-called "Shenzhen"