Zhang Xiaozhen founded mobile phone recycling site into 10 million

is now the choice of college students are still quite a lot, but want to succeed also need some skills. A newly graduated college students, no money, no technology, no contacts, but with an idea to start a business, it looks like the Arabian Nights, but seemingly ordinary people Zhang Xiaozhen did it. The recovery site Ruifeng he founded the mobile phone network, this year’s revenue can exceed 10 million yuan. How did he do?

4 years ago, just graduated from the University, Zhang Xiaozhen was a love to see various Internet gangster autobiographies, hope that you can create a Chinese largest online mobile phone recycling channels skinny white boy. But 4 years later, every day with the staff handle large bag recycling mobile phone he looks a bit, as described by Jin Yong Guo Jing, a tall, sunny smile, sincere words, listening to his story, will make people feel good personality brought good luck for him. During the

2009, founder of the network through the brand, Ruifeng, transparent type online pricing to attract customers, but opened including QQ, Wangwang, micro-blog, customer service channels, the intention to reach after mailing over mobile phone or by the staff home recycling machine hand ruifeng. When his classmates shuttle in the office building to do a nine to five small white-collar workers, he and his colleagues like a hawker riding a motorcycle everywhere to collect the phone.