The deer staged nine food marketing mode

Yimeng deer business model and diverse, products are mainly based on health care as the center, the unique brand features highlight chowhound charm. Nine marketing model, a deer is even more exciting than. The following small series as we carefully introduced which nine models.

first: Hotel model


nine deer Yimeng shop

main 100 multi-channel full or 100 multi-channel full banquet donkey deer banquet or feast of rabbit rabbit head mute rabbit, roasted rabbit, rabbit, badger, wild duck and goose row Paozai dishes, with the wine wine wine such as deer antler deer blood wine characteristics and sparkling wine, gift selling health, delicious dishes, a shop in profits three shop.

second: Hot pot dry pot cooking mode of flesh of a donkey meat

We not only have the same

Chongqing and Sichuan’s top Hot pot shop spicy pot, the more fresh donkey bone deer bone soup pot, to drink soup and then rinse meat, a hand cut fresh venison venison rolls of flesh of a donkey, can rinse the flesh of a donkey, can also be boiled, the original pot dry pot hot pot stew pot one pot.


nine deer Yimeng shop


model villa venison flesh of a donkey

place big, partial can feed donkey live deer watch, now kill, give a person a sense of reality, Chinese style decoration, Tujia dishes, a great deal of wood stew deer stew donkey, wood fried chicken fried chicken, open kitchen, Ming file

fourth: pot mode

pan, wok, stewed venison, wild goose, deer, badger, flesh of a donkey, treat the rabbit wood burning, tiebingzi, big meat, drink wine, Tukang, cricket.


nine deer Yimeng shop

fifth: supper mode

grilled lobster, venison, flesh of a donkey, a rabbit head, fish

Sixth kinds of

: Deli supermarket model

because the flesh of a donkey into the supermarket venison sell cooked food less, well done, deer heart lung sausage sauce flesh of a donkey, with Roasted Chicken, pig’s trotters PigHead meat, boiled salted duck, 99 ducks can wholesale market, supermarket deli counter, their flexible shop

seventh, venison soup soup pasta snacks flesh of a donkey model

Steamed Jiaozi Boiled dumplings soup burned flesh of a donkey flesh of a donkey flesh of a donkey Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings venison, Steamed Jiaozi steamed pastry, bread sauce cake all kinds of pasta snacks stones