Safe tea shop to join the details

Hongkong has always been a delicacy of various quality areas, whether it is to eat or drink, are world famous food brands, so a join project today Xiaobian to recommend to you is from Hongkong’s famous brand of tea drinks, shelter. Typhoon shelter (Hongkong) catering group Co., Ltd., originated in Hongkong, ten years old brand catering, with Hong Kong background. Since its opening in 2005, relying on the mainland market, rapid development.

typhoon shelter milk tea shop to join details

has a hi gravity typhoon shelter, hugging bear coffee, fruit will be comfortable and other fashion restaurant brand. Adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation with franchisees, the country has direct and franchise stores more than 3 thousand and 500. Has helped thousands of people to start a successful business, for tens of thousands of people to solve the employment problem.

typhoon shelter support:

1, authorized to support: franchise franchise franchise, trademark and trade name of the right to use, in a certain area to enjoy the right to operate the right to sell products.

2, shop location support: the franchisee selected shops for data evaluation, the use of the company’s strengths and national documents information for the franchisee to fight for the most favorable conditions and the best profitable pavement.

3, image design support: for the franchisee to provide decoration materials and reference model, the franchisee in accordance with the conditions of the store to self decoration, not only to save the decoration bonuses, but also to ensure the consistency and unity of the brand image.

4, system training support: the company headquarters unified product technical training to ensure the taste of the product and headquarters unified. Establish a strict training regimen for joining the franchisee selected by the shop assistant training system, including training of product knowledge, sales skills, art shop display, management and training etc..

5, store operations support: pre opening of the audit, to ensure the smooth operation of the opening, after the opening of the business supervision in store guidance in a timely manner to be high speed display, training follow-up. Occasional patrol guidance plan, a joint analysis of operating conditions, the development of relevant measures, regular telephone communication, timely answers to all kinds of doubts.

6, logistics and distribution support: E-Commerce orders, monthly, no mandatory purchase, 0 inventory concerns.

7 personalized customer service logistics management: the use of electronic warehouse management system, the development of a strict logistics and distribution system, to ensure that the goods to join the business case, quick delivery, to maximize the interests of franchisees.