nnovation and entrepreneurship competition to promote the management of construction progress

governments at all levels began to summarize in 2015 this year, there are good progress in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Yunnan through innovation and entrepreneurship contest to help more entrepreneurial team to show themselves in order to get more entrepreneurial results.

is implemented on the national public entrepreneurship, innovation and deployment requirements, in 2015, Yunnan province science and Technology Department of the Joint Provincial United Front Work Department, the provincial education department and other relevant departments and provincial units, jointly organized the first Yunnan province innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the fourth Chinese innovation contest in Yunnan match". In order to contest the "innovation dream, pioneering colorful Yunnan" as the theme, from the beginning of May to the end of August, after the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, the province’s 92 enterprises and team respectively won the contest awards, the organizing committee recommended 18 winners and the team qualify for the fourth session of the China industry innovation contest finals.

A, mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of

innovative entrepreneurs

5 at the beginning of the month notice issued after the contest, the Organizing Committee organized a series of mobilization, publicity and promotion work. May 15th, held in the province’s cities, science and technology parks, science and technology business incubators and other organizations to participate in the promotion, extensive mobilization. May 16th, held a "colorful Yunnan multi-creation action" and the first in Yunnan province innovation contest launch ceremony held in Yunnan Province, and the public record results of space construction exhibition, the provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee secretary Li Pei attended college, torch center responsible person to visit.

during registration, the Organizing Committee organized experts in Kunming, Baoshan, Qujing, Chuxiong and other places to carry out special contest propaganda, training and mobilization, and achieved good results, the local enterprises and the team to attend the contest. To the June 30th deadline, a total of 174 enterprises, 13 states, 115 teams entered the Yunnan Province, the number of entries in 2014 (21) compared with the large scale increase, the industry covers 7 areas of electronic information, bio medicine, Internet and mobile Internet, new materials, cultural and creative new energy and energy saving and environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, fully embodies the Yunnan Province innovative entrepreneurs in the competition under the guidance of enthusiasm and initiative actively "hit the boom.

two, improve the enterprises in Yunnan province and the level of innovation and entrepreneurship


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