Shi Gong public entrepreneurship is not everyone Entrepreneurship

Effects of

on the management policy, people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is rising, and even a lot of people the phenomenon of blindly follow the trend, therefore, the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of Henan group open day, the National People’s Congress, vice president of Tsinghua University Shi Yigong speech cited concern: the public business is not to   everyone business  .

3 7 afternoon, the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of Henan delegation held a joint meeting, open to both domestic and foreign media. Including the Dow Jones newswires, Bloomberg News Agency, Reuters, 9 foreign media, 35 central media, 5 foreign media, 17 provincial media, a total of 153 journalists attended the joint meeting of Henan group. Speaking on behalf of the National People’s Congress, Tsinghua University vice president Shi Shi put forward the idea of high-profile.

    [college students]

      university to promote entrepreneurship within


  Shi Shi Shi pointed out that the college students are easy to fall into a misunderstanding when they encourage the students to start a business. "In the process of concrete implementation, it is necessary to seek truth from facts," said  . To promote public entrepreneurship, not everyone entrepreneurship, not to say that every college students after graduation to do poineering work, colleges and universities in the implementation of this macro guidance, to do what." Shi yigong.

    [University to administrative]

    University of   now has a tendency to increase

    Shi Gong said that some time ago, the trend of university administration has been somewhat curbed, but now there is a little more emphasis on the meaning of a wide variety of special meetings. University administration is not to say that the university president, vice president of the executive level, I understand that the school professor should focus on scientific research, rather than lengthy administrative affairs and lengthy meetings. In the final analysis, the university is a place for educating people, teachers need to spend a lot of time on teaching and research." Shi yigong.

    [higher education]

    Henan Research University   development level lags behind

    application of a recognized, Henan middle school and primary school is not backward, "Henan University, the number can also be, but the problem is very serious, is to study the level of our universities is not high enough."

    "Henan as a microcosm of China’s central province, has a population of 100 million, if there is no first-class research universities, it is worrying. Over the past two years, compared with other provinces, the development level of research universities in Henan, especially in some coastal provinces