How to do a good job with the brand mask mask mask mask

now the beauty market is full of a variety of facial mask, skin effect is different, the quality of content level is different, even if it is difficult for the excellent brand consumers found. How to do, know how to promote is very important, how to do a good publicity mask brand? To learn with a good mask mask.

micro film

in the film, the anthropomorphic model, the interpretation of "independence, change" and "free" Jia Lan, Jia Lan, in the center of your heart and my heart is not a mask, but our own!

own skin "Xiaoming beautiful

" column

section titleJia Lan

film implant

Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi,

Jia Lan mask input awesome in terms of publicity, almost make full use of today’s all kinds of means of publicity, here just introduced some video propaganda, and more publicity tips have not been fully demonstrated, can understand the message here to consult headquarters.

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