Tianjin to build a full range of three dimensional platform to promote employment

to help those who want to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial groups can provide more support from the current Tianjin city by building a multi-faceted business platform, from entrepreneurship training, the establishment of investment funds and other initiatives to help more people to go on the road of entrepreneurship.

development of public space to promote entrepreneurship employment

"a cup of coffee, a creative, in public entrepreneurship, innovation boom, Dongli district public record space development by building a full three-dimensional platform, help those ideas, the idea of successful enterprise incubator. As of now, Dongli District building, nurturing space to create a public record of 19 units, business mentor 109, entrepreneurial team 137, the number of business services reached 3221 people, cultivate Small and micro businesses 57, the establishment of seed investment fund amounted to 47 million 200 thousand yuan, a public space area of over 50 thousand square meters. At present, the city has identified 4 public space, ranking the forefront of the county.

is located on the Bridge Street within the area of the airport free trade zone a public record space ", is to build a public record of village economic organization investment space, a $3 million venture capital fund, to provide capital, technology, management and other aspects of the service support for business students. Less than half a year to set up on the successful incubation of 6 companies, the industry covers the college entrance examination voluntary reporting APP, cross-border electricity supplier of fresh fruit, unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the use of a number of high-tech educational Internet applications. A public record space for Li Bin told reporters: "last year, dry technology company’s turnover in 70-80 million yuan, and specializes in UAV high-tech enterprise turnover exceeded 1 million yuan, and the most popular" Internet + ", to facilitate people’s lives fruit electricity supplier, nearly 100 thousand yuan for each month. The enterprises founded by several college students have got a good income."

is located in the aviation business district has a cellular entrepreneurial coffee multi-creation space is different from the capital, technology, management and other aspects of support services, the public record spatial integration of all resources, build an interactive platform for business information service environment better and lower cost for the business ideas of College students. In addition to regularly held in Entrepreneurship and investment as the theme of the roadshow, salon and other consulting services, to provide large data marketing, data mining and other technical support to an Huadian also co within the park, a partnership with Google, eBay eBay, Amazon and many other well-known enterprises, last year alone to help students successfully hatched cross-border electricity supplier more than and 20 enterprises, 11 enterprises including software development. Currently, these companies profit about 300000 yuan per month. Tianjin Coast Air Group cellular coffee business founder Fan Jinwei said, honeycomb coffee business will be based on the actual situation of college students entrepreneurship, tailored, tailored, launched more perfect integrated service platform for small and micro enterprises, continue to extend the business service functions, use of capital and resources to help students make up the insufficiency, so as to achieve the business.

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