Zhengzhou electric cars can really only be carried under the age of 12 minors

electric vehicles as the main means of transport, we not only provide greater convenience, the key lies in it is an energy saving and environmental protection products. But the electric car can only carry a minor under 12 years of age? This is the first time I heard." Yesterday, Zhengzhou many people riding electric vehicles manned by the traffic police stopped, there was ordered police to stop for a verbal warning, there is on camera, told again found illegal manned direct punishment, the specific is how it happened?

it is understood that the electric vehicle illegal manned warning or punishment, but the traffic police department of Zhengzhou electric car chaos remediation one of the contents of. Some people think that since the state has said that the electric car can only carry a minor under 12 years of age, on the strict law enforcement. But some people think it will affect the traffic in Zhengzhou. The traffic police have difficulties, no matter, it is too chaotic electric vehicles, strict management of it, and some people think too harsh.

[Live] electric car carrying adults, was stopped warning pictures

yesterday morning at 9 o’clock, Zhengzhou Jinshui Road intersection with the northeast corner of Dongming, a number of traffic police set up a temporary law enforcement point here busy. Law enforcement point next to the parking lot of several electric cars, several people are being accepted by the police punishment: first signature, after being photographed by the police.

these are stopped by the traffic police electric car drivers, some riding on the motor vehicle lane, some riding a red light, and the other is riding illegal manned.

at the intersection of the waterway and head street, a traffic police said he has stopped more than 50 electric cars illegal manned, each stop, have oral education or a warning of the rider, educated cyclists need to produce their identity cards or newspaper ID number, and accept the police photographed the scene the police, the police through the input system, "the first warning, second direct punishment."

I was the first time I heard that electric cars can not bring adults." In the face of the warning, the public Mr. Zhao a little puzzled, because he used to carry his wife to go to work every morning.

some people questioned, the traffic police department should be the main focus for investigation of electric cars running red lights, "Mount" illegal passenger and crazy muck car. For the public to ride electric vehicles to carry the family to travel, it should be humane law enforcement, can not engage in one size fits all, when the morning rush hour, almost half of the people on the road with an adult ride. If these people are lined up in the street to accept the traffic police punishment, will bring inconvenience to traffic."

[survey] electric vehicles can not carry the provisions of adults, there is a legal basis for