How to make good money agent

agent to join a project in a project you find a good project is the key to your own business, but how to find the most profitable it, the key is to be suitable for yourself.

Our product is

if you only sell expensive things to you, to the wholesale agents, the channel’s impression is very good, that you want to make a lot of money.

to the market for some time, if you are good, I believe now so much pressure on True gold does not fear fire, environmental protection, the disposable products will gradually be eliminated! Expensive products, must be high-end consumer groups, to promote the direction of.

in China rich or very much, love to buy high-tech products, a lot of people, the market outlook is not worse than abroad. Because Chinese consumers in luxury consumers are very dependent on the past, you have to sell those who do not want too expensive, good, high-quality high-end market.

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