The success stories of alternative Rural Entrepreneurship

there are a lot of entrepreneurs will have some misunderstanding, is the business projects should choose a relatively hot project, or is a popular project, but business is constantly selected items to find some business opportunities.

corn leaves what? Guandi town of Dunhua City, the women will tell you: the golden corn leaves. Here, women use abandoned corn leaves, woven into a variety of materials, such as daily necessities, cushions, slippers, cup sets, fruit boxes and other dozens of varieties, are exported to Changchun, Shenyang, Beijing and other places, in fact, beautiful, environmental protection makes a lot of orders that how they come in a throng, corn leaves into treasure recently, the reporter, with this curious to find out Guandi town.

in Guandi town straw base, dozens of rural women together, sometimes laugh, sometimes looking, sometimes on their hands are busy, I saw them with corn leaves, fingers up and down the shuttle, flexible drill, dazzling……


"want to change this, or put in a corn leaf burn, or feed the cow, who knows it can earn money, you look at them through my hand this, one can become a teacup pad!" 44 year old Liu Xiuqin. According to her, she one day can use corn leaves into a diameter of 30cm cushion, can earn 40 yuan. Learning technology is not to spend money, the cost is almost zero, and do not have to go out, the family did not live a little delay, how easy it is to earn money ah!"

2012, the Dunhua Municipal Women’s Federation’s help, set up a "Yanbian Qiaojie" Dunhua straw base, followed by the establishment of cooperatives, in order to better mobilize the enthusiasm of women, Guandi town government also raised rented venues, convenient exchange students learning. For straw training through experts, and actively guide the rural women in rich straw.


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