Tieling 116 business mentor certificates to help people to create innovative entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship education has not yet been popular now, entrepreneurial mentor becomes very important, the help of entrepreneurial mentors, the greater the probability of successful entrepreneurship. In Tieling, there are 116 "mentor" certificate holder, to help people innovation and entrepreneurship.

in student graduation ceremony, director of the Tieling municipal urban and Rural Employment Management Bureau Guo Chunfa told reporters: "these mentors after the induction of various types can effectively guide to college students, rural migrant workers, unemployed personnel as the key of aspiring entrepreneurs and industry personnel, improve their entrepreneurial ability, to avoid business risks. To avoid detours, reduce business costs, improve the success rate of."

in order to help entrepreneurs to improve the success rate, the Tieling Municipal Bureau of human resources and social, urban and Rural Employment Management Bureau and Finance Bureau jointly opened entrepreneurship training, from the personnel system of the basic units, colleges, enterprises, business incubators and social training institutions in the public solicitation with bachelor degree personnel participating in the training class. The training class employ the national training teacher qualification, teaching content is the International Labour Organization issued entrepreneurship training materials, teaching SYB entrepreneurship training theory.

according to the introduction, the first phase of "entrepreneurship training teacher training certificate" 46 students, plus the certificate business mentor will be incorporated into the enterprise training teacher Library in Tieling City, designated by the government of the entrepreneurship training base and training base for training personnel occupation entrepreneurship, can also be used in the entrepreneurial training unit.

it is reported that the first batch of 46 "business mentor" in less than a year, has trained 425 entrepreneurs.


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