Leisure chain store opening

  a lot of friends who want to start a business do not know what to prepare for the shop, have chosen to give up. Let Xiaobian to talk about what we need to prepare for the opening.

  three, note:

1, for the display of goods (except for small accessories) will be removed bags, and keep clean and tidy.

2, full volume, complete specifications.

3, the direction of the racks to be consistent.

4, always keep the yard clean and clean, props, mirror, glass and other stains. Four, familiar with

1, to understand the importance of old customers. It is much better to keep old customers in the cost and effectiveness of marketing than to find a new client.

2, learn to negotiate skills. To be good at smiling and listening, to achieve a win-win situation. To consider the issue from the customer’s point of view.

3, familiar with the characteristics of their products. Advantages, disadvantages, price strategy, technology, varieties, specifications, promotion, competitive products, alternative products. Especially in front of customers to pay attention to the product is very familiar with.

4, familiar with the target customers to sell their products, familiar with the product market.

5, to understand the traditional code of conduct. Some unreasonable requirements of customers, but also to tolerate and consider.