How to take the road of white collar Entrepreneurship

even in a position, but because it is too stable, resulting in a lot of white-collar workers want to make a breakthrough, entrepreneurship has become a lot of people’s choice. Recently, a friend who worked in a foreign company for many years complained to me, working for more than ten years, the income has been quite a lot. But always feel wrong, young can go up to a new level in two or three years, always self promotion.

in recent years, the situation is not the same, stuck in the same job, foreigners do the boss of the "glass ceiling" seemed impregnable, work actively seriously, young entrepreneurial ideas came out, is still not resolved.

has such distress "white-collar" is not in the minority, they are China early when a group of white-collar workers, white-collar workers or a halo of nouns, after ten years of hard work, these people are mostly in a higher position, but also for the high storm, not too stable, is the status quo they are eager to get rid of it. Their advantage is that there is a certain management experience, accumulated over the years has gradually formed a mature network of contacts, many people have sprouted their own boss when the idea.

but at the same time, they also have a lot of concerns, as a result of this age there are old, under a small, life pressure is relatively large; and was stable at no salary, even at least four also pay, the opportunity cost is high; the three is the venture, success is not much, can be bigger less. From this, so that white-collar workers into a dilemma dimension.

entrepreneurial individuals vary, I met while doing their work, while doing part-time business people, such as business that a relatively mature, and then quit the job, concentrate on business; there is a direct investment to resign, obsessed with the dream of people. There are examples of success and failure in these people. The former is safe, the latter radical, entrepreneurial approach itself is nothing wrong.

The main problem with

is that white collar workers can’t start a business to start a new business, to get out of their current predicament and into another. Before starting a business, you should be aware of some of the issues, the most fundamental is, what is your business model? What are you good at? What is your short board? Have you been able to make up for the short board partner? How much financial pressure can you bear.

in fact, white-collar workers choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship is very much, however, a lot of people because of the poor work and life, leading to the idea of starting a business because of their own life is a mess. In fact, in my opinion, white-collar workers, you can simply separate work and life, but if you choose to start a business, then entrepreneurship is part of your life. So the key is that you can do what you really want to do, and not just because you want to get a result.