How to open up the source of tea

since you want a good business, for any one shop, the development of the natural work of the visitors is more important. However, the current number of entrepreneurs do not know how to expand the source. So, how to open up the tea?

first, open source overview

in the restaurant business, open source is a most basic and most important work, the main points are as follows:

(1) in order to maintain a stable source of tea, in every six months must open up more than 20% new customers, the reason for this is because the original fixed source restaurant, will naturally reduce the annual number of 10%.

(2) in order to make the source of stability, it is necessary to develop more tea lovers, and it is important to have their own unique style of customer management.

(3) in terms of service management, we should consider starting from the standpoint of consumers, the popularity of tea culture in the customer knowledge, for customers to do the tea method.

(4) no matter how excellent brewing technology, fixed source and new customers if there is no increase is no way to operate successfully. The teahouse must adopt the management method which is dedicated to customer service.

(5) customer file is the basis of hospitality services, if we can make full use of customer files, it will become the source of the increase in the collection.

two, the prerequisite for the development of tourists

1, the customer favorite restaurant

teahouse business mainly depends on the tea culture, hospitality, services, projects are the image of the restaurant and three factors, if the lack of a factor is not the customer’s favorite.

2, service

services are divided into conventional services and special services, the service is the same level of service can be provided by any restaurant. Requires skilled, accurate, standard, characteristic service is from the customer’s interests and requirements, as far as possible to provide customers with convenient.

in this area is not in the conventional services, such as: valet parking, for the guests to take care of children, for the guests to explain the professional knowledge of tea culture, the customer to sleep for the customer to cover the quilt, etc.. Any reasonable requirements of the customer should do their best to meet, so that guests feel convenient and thoughtful service and consumption in the restaurant can find the feeling of "home".

3, high-quality production